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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Enjoy the quite!!!!

The elections are over!!!
THANK GOODNESS, and now we can answer the phone again, turn on the tv and not be afraid to open the mail box!!!  
This beautiful sunrise greeted the kids and me was we walked out to the bus this morning and it just made my day better by getting to witness its beauty. 
Today is a new day and life goes on  and it is just a little more peaceful here today!! 
I'm still working like crazy to get ready for my shows, but that's going great too!!!
Also, I just wanted to say thanks for all the great comments about my giveaway prize!!  I wish I could give you all something!!  If you haven't signed up for it the giveaway is right under this post, check it out and sign my guest book please while your here!!  I love seeing all of your blogs, everyone is so talented and creative, it's nice to share our love of creating!!
Have a wonderful, peaceful day!!!


Bead and Needle said...

Thanks for such a beautiful image this morning...yes, glad the ugliness is all over! Have a wonderful day, Sis!

The Primitive Bucket said...

Nothing like a cool Colorado morning to make it all better!!! Love you too Sis!!

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Beautiful picture, Joleen! I am
glad you joined Prim Pals, I
was the one to approve your
account! Hope you can join us
on chat on Wed. nights at 7C
time, probably 6 mountain time.
I am going to go sign up for
your give away, now!

Bear Hugs~Karen