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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look at the pretty Sunrise ~ More Hearts!!

As Brandon said when he walked out the door to the bus... "Oh My Gosh Mom, look at that!!! "What a beautiful sunrise we had earlier this week!! So glad I don't have tall building blocking the view!!

I have the big heart in this set listed and was waiting for a response from a buyer on the smaller set but I haven't heard from her so I guess I will list them and hope to get some bids, I've only got a bid on my garland so far this week. I should has just skipped Valentine's and went to Easter, it is getting late for hearts already!! Heck I make candy corn in July and sell them about as fast as I can make them!! It's carzy how far ahead of the holiday things actually sell!!

This set is flannel with osanbury stitched in the middle

I love this set,they are listed, click here, the can be stacked or displayed like this, I primed them up with coffee/cinnamon and baked them too!! I won't be sad if they don't sell. But I can make more if they do!!
Have a great week everyone. Ashley is turning 5 tomorrow so we have cake and ice cream to eat!!!


Farmchick said...

Love your hearts Joleen.....haha love your hearts....that sounds kind of funny but you know what I mean! The sunrise is beautiful too...
Happy Birthday Ashley!!

Tammy said...

I love'em too Joleen. Great job.

Beautiful sunrise too, Im glad we dont have buildings blocking our view either.

Jessica said...

I love your Valentine goodies! If I had some extra money to spend I would definitely bid. I hope they sell for you!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Oh, I especially love that last set of hearts. They are more "me." :)

Good luck with your ebay sales.

Have a great week!

AnnaSam said...

Beautiful sunrise pic! Isn't God good when he shows us these beautiful portraits! Love your hearts and garland1 have a blessed day!