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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fun with glue, paper and paint!!! lol

Good day all!!! I've been having so much fun with paint and glue!! No, I haven't been helping in Ashley's pre-school. My GF Susie, Yankee Lane Primitives, sent me some of her hotter than hot labels and I got busy right away!! SuXie, as we call her in our eBay group!!, long story!!, has been buried in labels and I can see why, they are great and so much fun to cut and paste with!!! My hubby needed a box or something in his bathroom for Q-tips so I found this cute paper mache box at Wal-mart for less than $1, I think it was .97!! And I sprayed the inside matte black. Then I took some of my leftover wallpaper from the same bathroom, and covered the
bottom of the box with it and then I painted the top black then put on some crackle medium, let that dry then painted it a color called THICKET, Once that was dry I used Mod Podge and adhered the label that I fancy cut with some scissors I had from my wedding, I knew I get to use them again!! Then to really prim it up I brushed on some strong coffee mixed with paint called COFFEE BEAN to give it a good aged look, then sprayed it with a clear coat and let it dry!! My hubby said that it was a pretty fancy box for Q-tips!! lol, He really does like it and it now has a new home in his bathroom!!
Go check out Susie's labels
on eBay and she also has a Lemon Poppy Seed site and a blog. She is a busy girl these days!! Tell her I sent ya, she may throw me a goodie or two again!!
I got the plaque at Wal-mart also for less than $2 and I sanded it first then painted it Raw Sienna and then sanded it again, then painted it Barn Red, sanded, dry brushed on some black, glued on the label with mod podge, then let it dry, added the holes and wire then I dry brushed it with some black again in some places and sanded for a good worn look!! I love it and now I just need to fix up my laundry room so it will be as cute as my plaque!!! Oh all the paint I used it the FOLK ART brand you get at Wal-mart!! Can you tell that is the ONLY shopping place I have here!!! lol

Thanks SuXie!!! Love ya girlie!!!


Janene said...

I have sent tons of money to Susie! Her labels are fantastic...I love what you did with them! Mind if I borrow some of your ideas?
Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

I love the box redo and the creative use of the labels!!

Back in the Day said...

Those labels are fabulous! The box looks great and the hanger too!

Jessica said...

:D That looks like loads of fun to do. It looks great!

Gathering Hope said...

Love the box for hubbies things...very sweet.
Have fun-

Lisa said...

Oh - I am addicted to Susie's labels too!! I love what you did with the box... do you mind if I borrow that idea?

~ Lisa