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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahhh....Springtime in Colorado!!!

Yes, it is officially spring in Colorado!! It is snowing and blowing and the kids are home with a snow day!!!! After a weekend of beautiful weather, yes it was 86 here on Sunday!! And where was I?? I was helping my mom and sister-in-law paint the inside of a house!!! Oh the price we pay for some $$$ !!!! lol. It was worth it though, we need the money and the kids got to spend two great days outside with DH, great bonding time for them!!! The flower isn't from my yard but typical for Colorado to have your daffodils blooming and then blanketed with snow!!

The next picture IS our yard from our living room window. This morning the phone rang at 5:45!! That just scares the puddin' out of me to have the phone ring that early in the morning!!! The school has an automatic system that calls on such a day. So I left sleeping children and DH in bed and had
my morning coffee and watched the weather!! Brandon came flying out of the bedroom at 6:50 almost in tears because he thought he was going to be in trouble and miss the bus!!! Ash was all happy to, she gets a whole day with big brother!!!
DH isn't happy today.. AT ALL... he got ONE day of work and then they shut him off again!! He is just sick about it, but we keep praying things are going to get better!!

I just have to share my pretties with you too!!! My friend Grethen, Caw of the Crow Primitiives,
she has some of the neatest things in her Lemon Poppy Seed Shop. I meant her in eBay and she is just a wonderful person and has a beautiful family with a inspiring story. Her son Ty is a cancer survivor and his little sister Sammy saved his life with a bone marrow transplant. Go to her blog and read all about her great family... and while you are there you will see my dish towel I got from her!!! Her momma made them and I just had to have the one with the little girl and chicken on it!! But it is way to cute to use so I paired it up with this old fiesta pitcher and one of my lamps that didn't sell and tucked it in the corner of my kitchen counter!!! SO DARN CUTE!! I think she has a couple designs left and may have more!!! Go take a peek!!!
Well, I'd better to something on this blustery day!!! I have a new cheesecake recipe that is calling my name to try. If it turns out good I'll share with you!!! Have a wonder day my friends.. Until next post!!! Hug someone you love today!!!!


Jessica said...

Ya'll got snow?! It's a mix of sunny and overcast over this way. We want snow too.

I adore your bunny lights.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I woldn't mind a little more snow before the heat comes. I guess y'all have probably had your fill of it by now.
If our phone rings early or late, it scares me half to death! it takes forever for my heart-rate to return to normal!
Have a happy day!

Farmchick said...

Just stopping into say hi---have not seen you around for awhile! We had a snow day yesterday--aghhhh--like having my kids homw but I am sick of snow!! Hope things get better for you soon!!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Joleen,
Yes, I heard it had snowed in Colorado and out west... ! A snow day the end of March !
I hope we do not get any of that white stuff.. I have seen a few inches of snow the middle of April here in PA. And snow flurries the middle of May.
Well, the truck traffic here in Pa. on I-80 hasn't slacked off any.
May your dh get back to work soon !
Hugs to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.