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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whatca Working on Wednesday!!!???

I know, I know ....it's been awhile!!! But I have no good excuse so I won't give you one!! I haven't been sewing very much lately but do need to get back to it. It has been so beautiful here that we have been trying to do more outside. DH went back to work briefly, now he is out of work again and more worried than ever before about it now. It is sad to see him so dejected!! He has always been able to find work without fail or problem. So now we are working on his waiver so he can run all 50 states. With the blindness in his right eye he has extra steps and lots and lots of paperwork to turn in so he can drive in any state not just Colorado. I have been volunteering at Ash's school in the library so that keeps me busy and my mind off of "stuff". But I'm done now, so I need to get busy sewing and other "stuff".. lol

But we both try to stay positive and have planned to go to him mom's house in Quincy IL for Easter. If he does get some work the kids and I will go without him, which we don't want to do, but we need the break and the change of scenery!!
Now for what I have been working on... I have listed a couple of Easter things, the two lamps way at the bottom of this post. They are so darn cute and NOT selling!! Makes me sad really, they are cute and I just love them, but there are a lot of very talented artists on eBay so I do have some tough competition, plus the economy, so I try not to let it get me down, but when you need the money it makes it worse. They are listed for a couple more days and then I will pack them away for next year of give them to family, so they do get to be enjoyed!!
But I am very excited about these Americana Flags banners I just go done!! I saw the idea in a new sewing book a got awhile back and just fell in love with them, and they would be so cute hanging from a mantel, banister or even outside on a porch. I have none of those things, so I hung them from our old fence, but they look cool there also. I do have them listed on eBay right now, so go take a peek. I have some fun ideas running around in my head for other holidays too!! Halloween, Christmas and I think I'm going to make a set for Ash's room with her name on them!! They are fun and fun to make also.!!
I think of all of my blog friends a lot and look forward to hearing from you. I just haven't been
very good company here lately!!! I hope your lives are all full of happiness and that the spring weather is creeping into your homes and hearts and that the new life that comes with spring will also bring new life into our lives and things will somehow get back to some sense of normalcy!!

There are nine flags all in red/white, blue/white, stars and stripe fabrics!!

Have a wonderful day all of my dear friends!! Love to you all!!!


Terry said...

Hi Joleen!
I haven't been on much either. We've been getting our garden started for the Farmers Market season.
My husband is retired and this helps to supplement our income - plus a way to get exercise and have something we can do together.
Hope your hubby can get certified for all 50 states. This economy is really scary.
Your flags and bunny arrangements are awesome. I can't believe you haven't sold them.
I never had much luck on Ebay myself.
Prayers for you and your family.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

My DH and I both are retired, but he was a home builder so I know the feeling of dispair when the work drops off. I will keep you and your Hubby in my prayers.
Your Bunny lamp is just adorable. I usually sale real good on Ebay, but haven't even tried to list anything in awhile. haven't been selling too good after the election I think money is short for everyone.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

This to shall pass:) That's what I keep telling myself and Stush:)

I hope everything goes well with what you husband has to do to drive in all of the states too:)

Love the flags!!!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hey there stranger! Glad to see you back. Sending out prayers for y'all and hoping that your hubby gets a great permanent job soon. I know the worrying is awful and causes a lot of stress. Hang in there.