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Thursday, October 23, 2008

SEWING, SEWING, SEWING & Pumpkin Picking!!

Oh so
much to do....so little time!!! I have been a busy bee the past couple
of days!!!
Ashley had a family night at her pre-school and we got to go to a "pumpkin patch" and pick a pumpkin.. The patch died out in June so they had to go to Wal-Mart and get some to put back in the patch!! It was cold and rainy but the kids had a great time and they
school had a great soup supper for us, Chili and Chicken noddle soup. It was yummy and lots of fun.
I missed out on posting on "What ca Working on Wednesday because, well I'm working on SOMETHING!!! LOL. I have two shows on the same day and will all our trips to the hospital and me procrastinating, I am waaaay behind!!! So now I have piles of things to be sewn and only three weeks. Which I know sounds like a long time, but the things I make, usually primitive buckets, boxes and baskets, filled with ornies and lights, it takes a lot of stuff to fill them up!!! And so I sew, stuff, sew again and then begin to fill!!! It's a process!! But I love to do it. once I get some done I'll post some pictures. While I have been sewing my new blog friend Tania from Fresh from the Farm gave me an award. Thanks Taina, I will get it posted when I stop again to catch my breath!!! Don't forget about me out there and thanks to all of you have signed my guest book way down south!!! I really love seeing that someone else has signed it!! Until next post!! Have a great day!!


Farmchick said...

I had to stop in and see what kind of font you used today!! lol Thanks for all your help! I intend on posting tomorrow so stay tuned to see what font I use!!!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Good luck with getting everything ready for your shows.
And take pics if you have time so we can see! LOL!

Have a great, productive weekend!

basketsnprims said...

Lots of pretty fabric there. Good luck with the shows.


Anonymous said...

Hey Just a random question??? Where are you from?

L :)

The Primitive Bucket said...

Lori, I'm for Sterling, Colorado.. was NE corner, I'm almost a husker!! Nebraska!!