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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Whatca Working on Wednesday!!!

Well last week I showed you all piles of fabric, well here is what has become of all of those piles!!! I have snowmen, 4 different sizes of Christmas trees. Candy canes, ribbon candy and lots and lots of stars that still need stuffed.... come help me!! The large 'snowballs will become the snowman that I posted a couple of weeks ago!! I have nine snowballs piled in my living room. My kids want to have a snowball fight so badly!!! tee hee. I'm thinking I should have bought stock in the batting company. So far I have gone through 4 large boxes of batting!!! And I had parent teacher conferences twice this week and my house wife duties!!! But I love it and it will all be over soon!!! I'll post pictures of what I do with all this "stuff' when I get more done!!! Have a great Wednesday, and if you want to come sit and stuff come on over!!!


Pam at Antique or Not said...

Joleen, looks like you havent' been "BOO'ed" yet, so consider yourself "BOO'ed"!

Pop over to my blog to see.
Happy Halloween!


Sand Flat Farm said...

What a cute blog you have! You are so creative with that sewing machine! Come by and visit sometime- Vickie

basketsnprims said...

Joleen, you have been busy. I'd offer to come help stuff, but I'm stuffing on this end. Just got the cutest patterns finished & I'm posting them today.


oldetymemarketplace said...

Just came across your blog and LOVED all the body parts on the couch! Made me laugh out loud! I just posted a picture on my blog of all sorts of things, stockings, mittens, snowman, sheep all laying out on the deck railing baking in the sun. Thank goodness my neighbors aren't super close becasue I am sure they would all wonder about all the body part's I usually have out there dryin!
Have a great day!!
Beth S.