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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blessings....I've been counting!!!

I have been counting & counting...and reminding myself how truly blessed I am. I haven't had much good to post about lately with my DH not working steady at all. And my fears for our future.
But when I look around me...we may be broke...but we are blessed. I have a wonderful, loving, caring, husband, two beautiful kids and a supportive family that loves me no matter what!!! This pictures was taken last Mother's Day at my parents house in Stoneham, Colorado. It is about 120 NE of Denver. It is a very, VERY small community that has had it's share of tragedy the past few years that makes me realize how lucky I have to have all my siblings, their spouses, both parents, nieces, nephews and even my 98 yoa Grandma still!!! And all the friends I have...the ones I have never meant from my eBay groups, to right here in blog land. Without you, I would be a goner!!! Thank you ALL!! Each day is a gift and what we chose to do with it is up to us, not anyone else.
Aren't we all so pretty!!! I love them all!! I don't tell them enough. So I love you all with all my heart. I'll try to tell you or show you more!!!

I am blessed that we had a terrible snow storm last week. It meant two more precious days with my kids at home safe and some much needed moisture for our very dry prairie..... Keep counting....

I am so blessed to have my sweet Ashie Jo!!! She had such a rough few months, but now look at her!!! She has become a quite the helper in the kitchen. She can crack eggs with the best of them and even scramble and cook her own, of course with moms help, but not to much, because she is all into doing it "by myself"....oh keep counting..but not to fast, she is growing up way too fast for my liking!!!

I'm not sure what she is making here but I'm sure it was delicious!!! She has a "Hulk" tattoo on her hand... she is a bit of a Tomboy!!! lol I'm still counting!!!

And we can't forget about Brandon, what a good boy he is and he is growing into such a handsome young man. My hubby just said that if few minutes ago what a good kid he is. He is just the light of our lives and makes us proud to be his parents. I look at him at times and it feels as if he is changing before my very eyes, His face is changing and he is getting so tall and really is a loving and caring big brother. He is very protective of Ashley and I hope he always will be and he will be the one she will go to when she needs to talk or to feel safe and never left out of the crowd..
DH and I both know the day will come when both of our kids will grow up and we won't be cool anymore, but until then we will keep counting our blessings and not what we may or may not have in our bank accounts because at the end of the day, the greatest things in life aren't THINGS....they look us in the face each day and tell us they love us and that we are the "best ever"!!!!
I'll keep counting and praying, because we still do need the prayers but I will try not to dwell on the things that we really can't control right now.
Until next time I'm off to count.......I'm not even close to being done!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ahhh....Springtime in Colorado!!!

Yes, it is officially spring in Colorado!! It is snowing and blowing and the kids are home with a snow day!!!! After a weekend of beautiful weather, yes it was 86 here on Sunday!! And where was I?? I was helping my mom and sister-in-law paint the inside of a house!!! Oh the price we pay for some $$$ !!!! lol. It was worth it though, we need the money and the kids got to spend two great days outside with DH, great bonding time for them!!! The flower isn't from my yard but typical for Colorado to have your daffodils blooming and then blanketed with snow!!

The next picture IS our yard from our living room window. This morning the phone rang at 5:45!! That just scares the puddin' out of me to have the phone ring that early in the morning!!! The school has an automatic system that calls on such a day. So I left sleeping children and DH in bed and had
my morning coffee and watched the weather!! Brandon came flying out of the bedroom at 6:50 almost in tears because he thought he was going to be in trouble and miss the bus!!! Ash was all happy to, she gets a whole day with big brother!!!
DH isn't happy today.. AT ALL... he got ONE day of work and then they shut him off again!! He is just sick about it, but we keep praying things are going to get better!!

I just have to share my pretties with you too!!! My friend Grethen, Caw of the Crow Primitiives,
she has some of the neatest things in her Lemon Poppy Seed Shop. I meant her in eBay and she is just a wonderful person and has a beautiful family with a inspiring story. Her son Ty is a cancer survivor and his little sister Sammy saved his life with a bone marrow transplant. Go to her blog and read all about her great family... and while you are there you will see my dish towel I got from her!!! Her momma made them and I just had to have the one with the little girl and chicken on it!! But it is way to cute to use so I paired it up with this old fiesta pitcher and one of my lamps that didn't sell and tucked it in the corner of my kitchen counter!!! SO DARN CUTE!! I think she has a couple designs left and may have more!!! Go take a peek!!!
Well, I'd better to something on this blustery day!!! I have a new cheesecake recipe that is calling my name to try. If it turns out good I'll share with you!!! Have a wonder day my friends.. Until next post!!! Hug someone you love today!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whatca Working on Wednesday!!!???

I know, I know ....it's been awhile!!! But I have no good excuse so I won't give you one!! I haven't been sewing very much lately but do need to get back to it. It has been so beautiful here that we have been trying to do more outside. DH went back to work briefly, now he is out of work again and more worried than ever before about it now. It is sad to see him so dejected!! He has always been able to find work without fail or problem. So now we are working on his waiver so he can run all 50 states. With the blindness in his right eye he has extra steps and lots and lots of paperwork to turn in so he can drive in any state not just Colorado. I have been volunteering at Ash's school in the library so that keeps me busy and my mind off of "stuff". But I'm done now, so I need to get busy sewing and other "stuff".. lol

But we both try to stay positive and have planned to go to him mom's house in Quincy IL for Easter. If he does get some work the kids and I will go without him, which we don't want to do, but we need the break and the change of scenery!!
Now for what I have been working on... I have listed a couple of Easter things, the two lamps way at the bottom of this post. They are so darn cute and NOT selling!! Makes me sad really, they are cute and I just love them, but there are a lot of very talented artists on eBay so I do have some tough competition, plus the economy, so I try not to let it get me down, but when you need the money it makes it worse. They are listed for a couple more days and then I will pack them away for next year of give them to family, so they do get to be enjoyed!!
But I am very excited about these Americana Flags banners I just go done!! I saw the idea in a new sewing book a got awhile back and just fell in love with them, and they would be so cute hanging from a mantel, banister or even outside on a porch. I have none of those things, so I hung them from our old fence, but they look cool there also. I do have them listed on eBay right now, so go take a peek. I have some fun ideas running around in my head for other holidays too!! Halloween, Christmas and I think I'm going to make a set for Ash's room with her name on them!! They are fun and fun to make also.!!
I think of all of my blog friends a lot and look forward to hearing from you. I just haven't been
very good company here lately!!! I hope your lives are all full of happiness and that the spring weather is creeping into your homes and hearts and that the new life that comes with spring will also bring new life into our lives and things will somehow get back to some sense of normalcy!!

There are nine flags all in red/white, blue/white, stars and stripe fabrics!!

Have a wonderful day all of my dear friends!! Love to you all!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Square Root Day!! 3/3/09 & Other stuff!!


Happy Square Root day!! I just heard this on the Today show and then again on the radio!! 9 is the square root of 3, hence where they get square root day, and it won't happen again until 040416!!! Just a bit of useless trivia that you might need some day!! lol

The above picture is a beautiful site!!! My hubby's truck pulling out of our drive, and heading BACK TO WORK!! We don't know for how long, but at this point a day or two is better than none. He went back yesterday and again today, I just pray it isn't short lived and we can start getting back to normal again!!! Keep your fingers crossed for us..I know there are a lot of good people out of work and I pray for everyone each night!!

And these are my Ity Bity Chicks!! They are so cute!!! They are only about 3" tall and 2" across. I have them listed on eBay, so go take a peep...err peek at them. I also have some eggs listed that I just love and won't be heart broken if they don't sell!!!

Thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment so I know you were here... I love meeting all of you!!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!!