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Monday, December 20, 2010

~~ Cookie Art ~~ My Tree ~~ Simply wish~~

The kiddos are home now!! Yay... I LOVE my kids being home with me.  Yesterday we tackled making some sugar cookies. Well, let's say we ALL started and I finished them up.  But it was fun.  I'm no Martha Stewart but they did turn our pretty and they are pretty yummy!!
 We tried to be creative, Ash was handling the white frosting part of the time!! 
 The ones above are trees, the one on the far right is her tree.
 To the left....Most of the finished product!! 

Left: This is Ashley 'Lion', why a lion??  Don't really know, but I can see it....don't you??  

The days are growing shorter when the paper will be flying, then just as quickly as the moment is there it will be gone and it will be filled with empty boxes and torn paper and bows.  But the LOVE that will fill the room is,for me, the best present ever and the best part of the day!!  I didn't ask for anything from my Trucker man, I just told him all I cared about was that we were together and the kids have a great day. 
I thought I'd share my tree and some of the pretties one it.  My 'sis' Tanya, Bead and Needle, shared hers one her blog.. so I'm copying you girl!!! lol... Love to see all the trees!! 
There is no more room under this tree!!! 

Ash made this for me.  So simple I love it!!

Buzz....love's Christmas...to Infinity and Beyond !!!

Glass Santa, I have about 5 of these all in different outfits and colors.


Tin heart... Love it...

Merry Christmas my dear blogging friends.
My Simply Wish for you is that I hope this Christmas is filled with joy and laughter and LOVE, three things you can't wrap and put under the tree but in your heart!! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I couldn't be more proud...

"I already have enough toys.."
Out of the mouths of babes. My son Brandon makes me so very proud everyday, but last night was a very proud one for me.  He was having a tough day anyway.  He was asking about a new jacket for Christmas and I asked him why he wanted a new one when he had his 'red' one...
Now the story..
He had left his 'red' jacket at school sometime ago and I told him to make sure and get it out of the lost and found box, well as things go, you forget or don't think about it again because the weather has been cold enough that he has had to wear his heavier coat.  Well so when he asked about the new jacket for Christmas, I asked if he didn't get his out of the lost and found box.  He said he looked and it wasn't there and that another boy was wearing it now.  I then asked him if he asked for it back and he said he did but the boy just told him he 'bought' it.  Well if you know my son, you know is a bit of a tender heart, not a baby, just very sensitive AND the last thing he ever wants to do is get anyone in trouble or to be called a tattle tale or teacher's pet.  Kids at this age can be so mean and the last thing Brandon wants is to not have someone NOT like him.  He's a little insecure about that,  but we want him to stand up for what is right and for himself.  So we told him he should have told a teacher or us when this happened so we could get it taken care of, he just started to cry and shook his head "no".  I felt so bad for him because he just doesn't want to get any kid in trouble, even one that stole from him. So I've emailed the teacher and called the school but haven't heard anything back yet.  I just wish things like this didn't happen and if that boy wears that coat home, what has he told his parents where it came from?  If one of my kids came home with a coat I didn't buy I would sure be finding out where it came from, but maybe they don't care and that is why he thinks it is okay to keep it!!  Sad world we live in at times.  So we get past that trauma and I was looking in Brandon's planner and there was a note from "Santa" saying that all the kids at school need to write a letter to him and the best letter will win a prize.  It was due today so I asked him if he had written it at school and he said no and still through the tears he was shedding from the coat thing, he told me that he wasn't going to write a letter because he already has enough stuff and that some other kids might need new toys... Okay so now I'm in tears too, but I did talk him into writing the letter and telling Santa what he told me... here is part of his letter!!
"..there are kids all over the world that don't have toys and I have lots of nice things, so my wish this year for Christmas is for you give the gift you had for me to someone else because they need it more than I do... and please don't forget my sister Ashley, she wants a guitar!!"
Thanks and Merry Christmas"
Brandon Locke
Brandon and Ash... my heart and soul!!!

I must say I have never been more proud that I was when I saw what he had written!!!  The true spirit of Christmas lives in my son's heart and has made my heart swell with more love and pride that I could ever express!! 
Merry Christmas Brandon... Mommy loves you!!! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh I may have to try these!!!

Okay, I'm being a little lazy today and letting Jen of Dangerously Domestic handle my blog post, but when I saw these trees I just had to share her tutorial with you!!! She is so creative and there are so many pretty ones, it's very hard to choose a favorite!!! 
Go check her it out.. Humm, I'm thinking this would be a fun swap gift for next year, it sure would be fun to see what my girlfriends would come up with!! 
Have fun looking, I sure did!!! 
Go look there's more!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My family.. a night out for my birthday!!

Well one more birthday under my belt!!!  My trucker Man and kiddos took me out to dinner at Delgado's Dugout. It's a Mexican/Italian restaurant that is in the basement of an old church.. Pretty good food, but really good drinks!! wink wink!! 
Ash, Joe and Brandon

We had a nice family dinner and then came home for ice cream cake which only Ash had some, the rest of us were too full!! 
I got a very nice new wallet, but no money in it!!! tee hee... and a new camera.. so the kids had to take some pictures, the don't 'center' very well so I did some editing and cropping, but it takes very nice pictures and I didn't know how to use the timer yet so none of all four of us at the same time!!! lol.. 
Joe, Ash and Me

Me and my kids... they are my heart!!!

Truck Man, Me and Brandon... I love Brandon's face in this one... He love's me

It was a nice evening with the people I love the most!!
Oh and I have to add another picture of one of my birthday goodies... My dear friend Bonnie from Ohio sent me this cute snowman for my birthday also. I accidentally left him out of the post from yesterday.. He is sooo very cute and had a special spot on an old prim crate in my living room!!!  LOVE HIM and Bonnie too, she is a sis I never have meant but hope to very soon!!!  Thanks Bonnie for him and the yummy room spray also!! 
He is awesome!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


I must say I am feeling LOVED today!!
It is my ?? birthday, and I was greeted by my kids with a "Happy Birthday's" this morning and I beautiful card from my Trucker man!!  I have had a pretty good with in the 'gift' category too!!  A few of my Ebay friends and I had a swap of snowmen this year and boy did I load up. I 'borrowed' the picture of Tanya of Bead and Needle, I was to busy...aka... lazy to take my own picture!!!  Hers was so nice I knew she wouldn't mind!! Thanks Sis! :O)  Anyway as you can see in the picture I have some very nice snowmen to scatter about my home now and they will be cherished for ever.

The snowman on the right is from Pat,ahlcoopedup , the hand painted book and little snowman on the right are from Chris, theantiquepallet,the cutter quilt mitten in the back is  from Suxie, Yankeelaneprimitives, it a card holder..how clever is that!!  The little snow girl in the middle and the prim gingers were my items and the smiley snow girl on the left is from Tanya, and the snowman in the red in front is from Barb, I don't think she has a blog..sorry Barb!!!

And speaking of Tanya..
Here she is...
 She spoiled me this year.. She is so very talented and I am lucky enough to have not one but 4 of her beautiful creations!!!   Here are the two latest ones. 
This one is so pretty... It's my birthday present!!   It's tiger eye agate and brass, the work on it is just amazing and I will always cherish it and anything she makes me !!  I love it Sis and you too!!
Okay this next one is special to me for more than one reason!!! 

This one is to DIE FOR!!! Actually this one was a choker necklace that my mom had and was getting rid of, I snagged it up but it was to tight on my neck so I sent it to Tanya just to MAKE IT LONGER FOR ME!!  That's it and this is what I got!!!  Mind you all it had before was a chain and the large stone piece with the silver pieces in the middle, but now it is full of silver and REAL turquoise beading and a extra chain with a silver and turquoise bead.   Simply amazing!!  I can't tell you how beautiful it is and the work, time and money she put into it for me, makes it all the more special!!  I may have to hide it from my mom now, she may want it back!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Thanks again girls and for making my day great.  My family is taking me out on the town for dinner tonight!! I really am blessed and I guess birthdays aren't so bad after all!!! 
Have a wonderful day, I plan on it!!!