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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More candy corn & a new chapter...

Well I have been busy sewing the last couple of days...so now I need to stuff, stuff, stuff.. I did get these done yesterday!!!

And my hubby is starting a new chapter in his trucking career, kind of!! His beloved Peterbilt sold just the other day and I'll tell you what that was hard to see the old girl go out the driveway and down the road knowing that Joe wasn't the one driving it.... He has had that truck for 17 years and it has been a good truck, but with the way things are for us right now, something had to go. He actually has three trucks and has had them all for sale and just said which ever one sold the first he would just drive the other... easy to say hard to do when you are attached to something like he was that truck..

So now he will be driving this truck. Nothing wrong with it really...it's a big ole Kenworth, but he has always been a 'Pete Man'...he is already making noise that he will trade this for another Pete...lol...MEN!! But we are thankful for the sale, it has taken some pressure off..for now..but I still haven't been able to do my school shopping and Brandon's birthday is next week too...so there ya go!!
Have a blessed day.. and if you see our old truck give it a wave!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun Fall Giveaway !!! Check it out!!!

Morning all...Look at this cute, cute, cute wooden scoop... Won't it look great in my kitchen!!! lol... Seriously this is painted by my very good friend Chris of the antique pallet, she is giving this away on her blog and you just need to visit her blog, and leave a comment to get an entry, or become a follower and link to your blog for more chances...Yippee.. Chris is a dear friend and I am lucky enough to have some of her work, but I want more, so I hope I win, but good luck to you. Pop on over to her blog and enter up. You can see more of her amazing work there, and tell her I sent ya!!! Have a very blessed day!!!

Won't this look good in my...aw I mean your house!!! lol

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some things I have been working one...finally!!!

Okay and one more fair picture!! This is the last night we went. The kids had a blast and it was well worth then money to see them smile and laugh so much.

Just to prove I haven't been just napping in the sun ALL summer!! I have starting working on more projects for fall and the shoppe where I put my things. I do have this set of candy corn pillow listed on eBay but they will go to the shoppe if they don't sell there. I just haven't had much luck with eBay lately and the shoppe is selling well, so I'm going to try to get more things done for them. These are almost pillow sized. They are 9" tall and 7" wide at the base. I love them and my just have to make myself a set also.

I love...love..love this piece, it is a very old and prim oil can with no handle. The fall flowers and pips look just so awesome in it. I took it to the consignment shoppe and it sold right away...and I don't have more flowers unless I do the road trip thing again.. Maybe this week sometime for school shopping and I'll sneak over to Hobby Lobby for more!

The arrangement is very pretty too, the pictures doesn't really do it justice. I took it to the shoppe also and they said I had my things priced to LOW!!! Well that was good to hear that I'm not overpricing them, but from now on I'll just take the tags and have them help me with what they think I should be asking. I have a hard time pricing things because I can't afford much these days it's hard for me to ask a price I can't pay myself...make sense!!??

I'm so proud of this hutch. It is child's sized and made by my dad. He does pretty amazing work for 75 and not have the best of eyesight anymore. This is one of four he has made so far. He has done two in the old color green and white and now two in the classic old red/white. One is a bright red and white and the other is a more prim cinnamon/red color. They are just adorable. I put them in the shoppe and they have been very popular and I guess they have had people ask if he could make an entire kitchen set!!! I don't know if he is up to that but these hutches are just adorable and I want one for me too!! I'll have to do some sweet talking!!

Speaking of school...my kids have to go back on the 26th. We did do some shopping here yesterday. I don't know if I'm ready for both of them to be gone. Ashley will only be there 1/2 a day.. that is good...break ME in slowly!!! I will miss them, but I think they will be ready once they get to see all their friends again.
I hope the rest of you are having a good summer and thanks for still checking in on me. It has been a trying, year and a fast summer and I'm hanging in there and with all of your encouragement it has really helped a lot!! Thanks for being my friends. Have a great day!!! Hug someone you love!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun At the Fair!!!

We have had a busy summer. It seems like at the beginning of it all I got done was mowing!! Our place looked better than it ever has and I actually got some flowers to survive. We have bad soil and salty water, so I have to plant everything in containers and water with "good" water...but with all the rain I used buckets and caught most of the water for the plants and they thrived.. I was so proud!! lol
We did get to the lake, my last post, and then just a couple of weeks later was a small fair the the neighboring community where I grew up!! It is a nice small fair and everyone knows everybody and it is just a blast for the kids, they all get to ride the horses and enter the rodeo for $1 an event and it's great to see all your family and friends. We have tagged it "The World's Fair" and it is good homegrown fun.
Ash was so excited for the fair, they have a 'stick horse' race for the tiny tots and they all get a ribbon no matter what and Ashley bought her a trusty steed at our garage sale for $1!!! His name is Brownie! and he is FAST!!! A few years ago at the fair when Ash did the stick horse race for the first time, she got gone with her turn and came and told me that her horse ran away with her, which was so funny, since she is the one doing the running!!! Anyway...here are some of the pictures from the fair. Good times!! Brandon didn't feel good, so he didn't make any of the pictures that I have. Poor guy was having allergy issues and slept in Grandma and Grandpa camp trailer most of the day!! :(.


Running as fast as she can!!

Made the run and didn't break the pattern!!

Sometimes things do go as planned at the fair!! I love this shot. This is my niece Paige, she had just finished up showing her chickens, I even got to help. She did get first in her division, but lost over all to a pigeon!!! She was heartbroken and her daddy, my brother Scott was there for love and support!!!! She did a great job and we were all very proud of her!!!

The bigger County Fair starts here this week and it has a carnival with rides.. the kids are excited about it... I'll get pictures and do another post...
BUT DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH!! I have been kind of slow, but I really appreciate all of you that follow me and check in on me.. I'll get better once it slows down when school starts... I have been sewing a lot too and have that to share with you too!!! Keep looking I may surprise you!!