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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Having a ME day!! October 24,09

I'm proud of ME!!! I have officially lost OVER 50 pounds!!! Not much over but hey, I got to toot my own horn a little.. When I tell people the very first question is..."How did you do it?'' and when I tell them I usually get the.."well I don't have time to do that!!! " But I have been telling them back...MAKE TIME!!! DO IT FOR YOU!!! LOVE YOURSELF MORE!!! My husband actually saw an infomercial about an "Eating Plan" not a diet and he is the one who wanted to order it. So we did and we did this together a couple of years ago and that time I lost 40, but did gain it back. But this time is just different for me. First I saw a picture of myself and just was just so disappointed in myself that I knew I had to change something or I would never be happy. So on July I strated and haven't looked back since. I eat actually about 6 times a day, small meals that are full of fruits and veggies and protein. I haven't had a slice of bread since July, my DH just said last night that was amazing!! NO Cheeseburger nothing. I do drink tons of water. 100 oz a day. I told my DH I was doing it for me, not him, not the kids but for me and it has been one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. I feel better, look better and am just happier. We are still struggling with money and work, but I applied for a couple jobs and I got the "thanks but no thanks" letter from one of them, but I have an interview this coming week for the other. So wish me luck. I'm going ME shopping today so I hope to find something nice and SMALLER!! Yay me!! So do something for you today, take a ME day and don't feel bad about it, you deserve it and your family will understand, or they should !!!!
Have a good day, and don't forget to hug your kids but love YOU too!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I know...I know...Where have I been???? Oct 8,09

I know...I know... I have been AWOL for too long. Thanks for being so patient with me. And thanks to those of you who have taken the time to check on me through email.. It means more than you know. It's so nice to have such good friends that you have never meant As most of you know... my life these past few months have been anything but great... but we are still hanging in there. I have had ups and downs and am making choices that I hope will make life better for all of us. I am seriously thinking about getting a job... I hate to think about my kids in day care but it is a must at this point.. DH is on the fence too. We love the fact that I can be here for them, but times are hard. In my last post he had sold his old truck and now he has another one.. He just didn't like the one he was driving so he found another Peterbilt to drive..It has isn't problems already, so that has been kind of not a good subject here!!! lol.
As you can see my beautiful kids are in full swing of school. Ash is Kindergarten and loves it but still has trouble with me dropping her off. She is getting better and hopefully soon it will pass. Brandon is in the 4th grade and seems to really like his teacher and loves his Science class!!! He is getting big and it at my shoulder already. I'm 5'11" so he is getting there!!!

I have a show in November and am trying to get lots done. I did get these pillows stuffed yesterday and hope to get more done. They have been good sellers for me that the shoppe where I have my things. The economy has been hard out here. My mom's antique shop has closed. The four ladies that run it made the decision to close it while they were ahead and not let the lack of business take them out!! It is bittersweet for my mom. She loves the shop but will love the time at home now too!!
My sweet friends... top left to right.. Pam, Mary Ann, Mary and Kise
Bottom left to right.. Jaylin, Sid and Me... there was another Mary that came but she was late for pictures.. !!!! I love them all so much!!!

In the past couple of months I have reconnected with some of my very best friends ever... I was a dispatcher for Morgan County, in Ft Morgan Colorado for 7 years and those were really some of the best times for me. I had great friends and have lost touch with some of them. But I decided to things for me more and so I have started having a "me" day and going out with some of my friends and working on getting ME happy again.. I have lost almost 50 pounds since July 20th and feel great!!! I figured if I'm not happy I can't make my family happy.. So there are changes coming and I hope they are all good!!! WE all need to be happy!!! So until next time... I will try to keep up!!!! Love to you all!!!