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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I found " Mica Flake" at Wally!!! But is it the REAL Thing!?

I use mica flake a lot when doing my crafting especially in the winter. It is so pretty and really makes my creations look frosty!! Well I found "mica flake" at Wally the other day, it was kind of pricey, almost $9 but if figured that it would be about the same with shipping if I got if from eBay. Well some of my friends in one of my groups on eBay had also found it but thought it didn't look like real mica, so I broke open my package of it to compare, and it isn't exactly the same as mica, it is more iridescent than real mica. PLUS while looking for my mica for my test I found a bag of Buffalo Snow Flakes that I also got at Wally last year on clearance for only .35 and there was more in that bag than the nice shaker you get with the mica I found in the craft isle. The snow is has a tiny bit bigger 'flakes' but not so that is wouldn't work. So beware and look in the Christmas decoration isle first. The bag of snow had an original price of $1.48 so even not on sale it is a much better deal than the craft isle rip off!!! And it isn't like "REAL" mica but it is pretty and I'll use it. I live two hours from a nice craft store, so in a pinch this will work. Oh yeah the pictures above are, from top to bottom: The .35 Buffalo Snow, The REAL MICA and bottom, the almost $9 bottle of mica from the craft isle... Have a great crafting day...now back to my stuffing!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving...so much fun!!!

With all my stuffing madness, I did take time to take the kids to a Pumpkin Carving Clinic on Saturday. It was so much fun and only cost a can of food for Caring Miniseries. The pumpkins were pre-cleaned, yippee and they had templates for us to use and the pokers and saws... it was great fun and there were a lot of kids there. Then when that was over they had a "Haunted House", it was pretty good too and they got a bag of candy too!!! There were 256+ pre-cleaned pumpkins, and if you wanted to take some home they let you for a couple bucks!!! It was fun and a nice break away from the sewing machine and time with my wonderful kids!!!

I havn't forgotten my friends!!! Thanks Tania!!

It's been a long week of sewing, stuffing, PT Conference and other 'Stuff' for me and I haven't had much of a chance to post my award that was given to me by Tania, sorry chickadee.. I was not ignoring you, I have had my hands full!!! But I so appericiate it and didn't want it to go unnoticed!! Farmchick, she has a great blog and have a wonderful recipe posted, you have to try it, I did, love it!!! This is a neat award and thank goodness Trainwreck,
take a peek at her blog too!!! She has fantastic pictures, any way, she translated it for Tania so I'll post that, I'm not good at translating!!! Thanks Taina for this award. I'm suppose to pick 8 of my blogging friends to pass this on to, but I am so busy stuffing I'm going to bestow this on anyone who wants it. It is an honor to be picked by all my new friends and don't want to not acknowledge it. Thanks Tania... This award means:
This blog invests and believes, the proximity" (meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' -being close through proxy)
"They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize, and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut, or that they propagate?Then let's try to give more attention to them!

Whatca Working on Wednesday!!!

Well last week I showed you all piles of fabric, well here is what has become of all of those piles!!! I have snowmen, 4 different sizes of Christmas trees. Candy canes, ribbon candy and lots and lots of stars that still need stuffed.... come help me!! The large 'snowballs will become the snowman that I posted a couple of weeks ago!! I have nine snowballs piled in my living room. My kids want to have a snowball fight so badly!!! tee hee. I'm thinking I should have bought stock in the batting company. So far I have gone through 4 large boxes of batting!!! And I had parent teacher conferences twice this week and my house wife duties!!! But I love it and it will all be over soon!!! I'll post pictures of what I do with all this "stuff' when I get more done!!! Have a great Wednesday, and if you want to come sit and stuff come on over!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

SEWING, SEWING, SEWING & Pumpkin Picking!!

Oh so
much to do....so little time!!! I have been a busy bee the past couple
of days!!!
Ashley had a family night at her pre-school and we got to go to a "pumpkin patch" and pick a pumpkin.. The patch died out in June so they had to go to Wal-Mart and get some to put back in the patch!! It was cold and rainy but the kids had a great time and they
school had a great soup supper for us, Chili and Chicken noddle soup. It was yummy and lots of fun.
I missed out on posting on "What ca Working on Wednesday because, well I'm working on SOMETHING!!! LOL. I have two shows on the same day and will all our trips to the hospital and me procrastinating, I am waaaay behind!!! So now I have piles of things to be sewn and only three weeks. Which I know sounds like a long time, but the things I make, usually primitive buckets, boxes and baskets, filled with ornies and lights, it takes a lot of stuff to fill them up!!! And so I sew, stuff, sew again and then begin to fill!!! It's a process!! But I love to do it. once I get some done I'll post some pictures. While I have been sewing my new blog friend Tania from Fresh from the Farm gave me an award. Thanks Taina, I will get it posted when I stop again to catch my breath!!! Don't forget about me out there and thanks to all of you have signed my guest book way down south!!! I really love seeing that someone else has signed it!! Until next post!! Have a great day!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been soo bad!!! But I won something!!!

I've been so bad....well I just haven't been keeping up
up on my blogging. Saturday and Sunday both I helped do concessions at a couple of roping's my brother had so I was gone then and then today I went and watched my niece play volleyball. So I am way behind and while I was gone I won yet another giveaway!!! I am so excited...Dani at Olde Homestead Peddler
drew my name out for these kewl grubby apples AND linen spray... Thanks so much Dani, I can't wait to get them, but you all have to go to her blog.... she became a Granny for the first time to a beautiful baby boy, Cory Jr. and he is precious, go take a peek she shared him with us!! Thanks again Dani for this great giveaway, I feel so lucky to have found all of these wonderful new friends on blog land!!!
I recently won a drawing from Sherry at Gathering Hope she had read my blog about my son Brandon and him felling left out when Ash was sick. I got my wonderful box from Tennessee and knew it was the beautiful gift she had sent me, but to my surprise, and my children s delight, there was tucked in the tissue paper, gifts for them also!! I teared up right away because I knew that she had thought of them as well as sent me the most beautiful keepsake. She sent Brandon a Star Wars figurine and a very nice journal for Ashley to keep her most precious thoughts in, and there was bag of candy, I think for me, giggle giggle, but I shared with the kids. What a GOOD HEART Sherry has and it meant more to me to get the things for my children and that she thought of them too!!! I love my blessings box and the other goodies she included, but to make my children smile is worth all the gold in the world. Thank you Sherry, I am blessed to have found you!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I made something on Whatca Working on Wednesday

I just love all the Whatca Working on Wednesdays posts, but I haven't ever had anything to show, but I was determined to get something done today!!
I haven't had a chance to sit down and sew for some time and I have two shows coming up fast so I really need to get my rear in gear.
I got his snowman head done, he is my first attempt at the pattern and I changed a few details but I think I like him a lot!!! I may shorten the nose up some, but my buddy Bonnie loved it just the way it is. He is big and tall, but great for a centerpiece. He is made from osanburg and stuffed with rags so he will be stable and has some weight to him!! I think I will make one and put lights around where his scarf is!!! What do you think??

He was a blast to make and once I get the hang of it will be a fast project!!! Now I'm in the mood to sew!!! LOOK OUT!!! lol

Corn Stove Time!!

It is getting close to the time we will have to fire up the corn stove, so Ash and I made a trip to Atwood, CO and got 10 bags of corn so we are ready for the cold night that are sure to come. We usually burn about a bag through the evening and into the morning then I try to keep it off during the day, corn is so high, but it sure keeps the house toasty!!
And since we were out I took some pictures of the berry bushes in our yard, I can't remember what they are, but our dog will eat them berries like candy!! It picks them off himself!!
And since I was bestowed the Fabulous Fall Decor award!! I though I'd throw in a picture of my witches I made last year. Hope you all had a beautiful day!! It was wonderful here in NE Colorado!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fabulous Fall Decor Award!!! For Me???

I just got a nice note from Rondell over at Tomatoe Creek Prims, one of my favorite blogs, btw!!! She has honored me with this nice award that Jenn from Bittersweet Prims has created.If Rondell could only see me house!! lol Not really!! I did get my fall things out and actually think I left a box or two out in the storage trailer!! OH MY!! It seems with my sewing for ebay, my decor grows each year also. The only rules for this award is that I now have to award 6 blogs, so hard with so many. I'm going to try to pick new ones this time. I love so many and keep clicking on that new "follow this blog" button and have quite a list now!! I get so excited when I see someone new is following me!!! Thanks Rondell for thinking of me, I love your blog and now I'll be stalking,tee hee, Jenn around too!!! Here are my 6 picks, I hope they haven't been picked already!! But if they have they can choose to not play both times, I just enjoy their blogs and want to share them with you too!!

Okay there are my six. Now have fun searching their blogs, they are all great!!

I misspoke and originally said this award was from Nicole, but it is from Jenn. Sorry girls for the error. I think I was in blog overload!! tee hee. The post below is from Jenn!!! I'm such an airhead sometimes.!!!

Happy Birthday Nicole Giveaway!!!

Nicole from Back in the day, is having a party!! HER birthday, and she is giving away all this great stuff in honor of her birthday!!! Isn't it all so cute?? Just go to her blog and post a comment and she will enter you.
But if you post her giveaway on your blog then she will enter you two more times. Three easy ways to possibly have these prim pretties in your home!!! Go take a peek and Nicole's blog and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!
** boy am I red in the face!!! This is Nicole's Birthday!! Don't know where I got Jenn. I'm so sorry Nicole for the error!!! tee hee!!!***

It's like the first day of school again!!!

Today was like the first day of school all over again for
Ashley, After missing the last few weeks of school because of her surgery and then unplanned trip to the hospital she has missed a lot of school. She wasn't real
sure about going this morning, But we got through the

tears and a "tummy ache" and made it to school on time and with lots of hugs from the teachers. She even got to have two 'jobs' this morning!! They give them jobs, such as room inspector, line leader, door holder, etc,. and they love to have a fun job!! She got to be room inspector and the Calendar girl this morning, so was so happy and it made going back that much easier on her and me both. I stayed for about 25 minutes but when they went into their planning small group I left, she got a little worried look on her face but she sat down by Miss Jo and was fine!!! I miss her already but it is time to go back and get back into a routine. She is my angel and know she will do great and have a fun story to tell me when she gets home!!! Looks like Jasper is even "waiting" for her!!! lol he is actually watching the Blue Jays that have made it back to our yard from their summer vacation. I'll try to get a shot of them, they are beautiful, but don't like Jasper much and really squawk at him!!! Have a great day, I need to go get something done!!!
***Oh, I'm so happy, I just got home with Ash from school, She had a wonderful day and was smiling and playing like crazy when I got there, she talked non stop on the way to the car and all the way home and said she had fun, but was hungry, so we had to stop for potato ole's on the way!!! It is a good day and I feel so good that Ash is getting back to her old self again!!! ***

Dancing w/the Stars???

Yes I admit it I love Dancing With The Stars!! So I retreated to the basement to watch, Hubby was watching Monday Night Football!! And the kids were down here with me and decided to do some "Pretty Dancing" for me!!! I think they would have gotten voted off the first week. But it sure was entertaining!! They came up with some new moves I haven't seen yet!! lol ;O) They get along so well and were giggling so hard that is was hard
to get the pictures. Plus they were hamming it up for the camera. I'm just glad Ashley is feeling better and being her silly self again!!! Look out Cloris and Corky, these two will give you a run for your money!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

More goodies to be given away!!!

Tania is giving away all this neat stuff on her blog Fresh From the Farm , go take a peek at her blog, it is wonderful and I visit it a lot. She has some wonderful recipes there and she pours her own soy candles and sells them too!! If you have never burned a soy candle you are in for a treat. They burn very clean and smell yummy!! All of these great giveaways are so fun and a great way to meet tons of new friends all over the country. Just go to her blog and post a comment for an entry and if you put it on your blog you get entered again!!! Good luck, now go take a peek at her great stuff!! Tell her Joleen sent you!!!:0)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I ran across another neat new blog and she is having her first giveaway!!! Olde Homestead Peddler new to the wonderful world of blogging and this is a great way to meet some more great bloggers out there. These neat grubby apple candles and the linen room spray are the first prize and she is also giving some kewl pumpkin candles and another spray as a 2nd prize. Cool huh?? Get entered up on her blog and link it to your and she will put your name in the hat more!!! Welcome to blogging Old Homestead Peddler and PICK ME PICK ME!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sharing Goodness... I won!!!!

Sherry from Gathering Hope gave away this beautiful Keepsake box and I am the lucky one that she drew from her entries!! I am so excited and honored. She has a beautiful and very inspirational blog, go take a peek you will be there awhile!!! She had us tell her why were were blessed to receive an entry!!! I shared the blessings of my Sweet Children, but of how Ashley's courage made me stronger with all she has had to endure!!! Thanks so much Sherry, this will be displayed with honor in my home and will be passed down to Ashley when she gets older for the many blessings I hope she has in life!!! Thanks so much!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

All about Brandon!!!

With all the stuff going on with Ashley, poor big brother Brandon has been a little left out!! He has been such a trooper through all of this and has been left home and feeling a little abandoned. We didn't want him to miss school anymore than he had to, he had missed almost the whole second week of school because of his asthma and a cold. So missing more would have really put him behind. His teacher has been so great and helpful through it all and has allowed him to make up all his work. He had a hard time at the beginning of school. He has been in 3 different schools in the past 3 years. Not because we move, but the district consolidated the schools so that the K-2 got to one school, the 3-5 are in another and then on to middle school. But his Kindergarten year they were in transition and he went to Steven's and then they all moved to his school last year. So he has been moved around a lot and he is like his dad and doesn't like change much!! He loves school but would rather be at the same school all the time!! I went to the same school from K-12 grade and never had to deal with that. He is a good boy and he and Ashley are so very close, and all of this illness and her getting cut on didn't set to well with Big Protective Brother. He loves Star Wars, Transformers and Godzilla!! All boy he is!!! He is also into in video games, more than he should be but he gets all his homework done before he can play and no video games on Sunday at all!! He is a great big brother and a very polite young man and knows no stranger!! He will talk to a fence post this one!! lol
He has had a hard time with Sissy being sick, thank goodness my sister, Toni and my mom stepped up and really took good care of him and this last round he got to be home where all his stuff was at and he dealt with it much better. I just wanted to tell you about my sweet boy, He has been through the ringer too and he deserves some face time on Mommy's blog!!!! I love you buddy!! I'm so blessed to have you in my life!!!
Hugs, Momma

I need to get really busy!!!

I just got this fabric in the mail. I found it online through Joann's. I love the "Believe" fabric, and it was on sale!!! Even better. I have three bazaars, two on the same day so I think I will be putting this to good use, hopefully I will get some things cut out today. I haven't been able to sew for almost a month with all of our trips to the hospital so I think I am in need of so stitch therapy!!!! Of course I will have to grunge it all up some to really make it prim. Candy canes and Prim stars are in my future!! Have a great day I think I'll go sew!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Third time a Charm for Ashley!!!

Ashley had a set back from her surgery and had to go back the Children's Hospital in Denver, for the third time since July, last Monday and we got home just this past Sunday. She had a complication from her surgery that caused a large clot and infection!! So after more "procedures", a drain for several days from her tummy and another picc line, she is home and hopefully on the mend for good. She scared us for sure and is a tough little girl and has been through more than most 4 yao should have to go through. It was a long and very emotional week for Joe and I. We felt like because of our decisions she had to go through all of this. I just don't know what I would do it she got sick again!! I would take all the pokes and tests for her if I could. I hope we get our life back to some normalcy now. She has missed almost 3 weeks of school , but we don't what to rush the healing process. Brandon has been a trooper. He has felt a little abandoned and left out and has struggled with all of this too!! He was so happy to see us walk through the door on Sunday and is a happy boy again!!! I will be very Thankful this year for my kids and the love I get from one little smile!! Blessings, Joleen