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Friday, November 28, 2008

My Angel Swap Angel

We just had an "Angel Swap" in one of my eBay groups, I posted a picture of the wonderful one I received last week. This is the one I made. I just love her!! She was my first attempt at the pattern and also at needle felting the hair. She flew off to sunny California. I think I'll even make myself one of these. She was fun to make and I hope she will be happy in her new home!!
Now I need to get to decorating and sewing!!! So much to do!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cinnamon Ornaments!!

I have made these before and they are great for the kids to make with you and they make your house smell yummy while they are drying!!!

Cinnamon Ornaments

Cinnamon Ornaments

Making Cinnamon Ornaments are a perfect holiday fun activity for kids. The ornaments are easy to make and their aroma lasts long after the holidays are over.

Makes 12 to 15 ornaments.

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 2 1/2 hours, or 1 to 2 days drying time


3/4 cup applesauce

1 bottle (4.12 ounces) McCormick® Cinnamon, Ground

Supplies needed:

cookie cutters

drinking straw

colorful ribbon

1. Preheat oven to 200°F.

2. Mix applesauce and cinnamon with hands in small bowl until a smooth ball of dough is formed. Using about 1/4 of the dough at a time, roll dough to 1/4-inch to 1/3-inch thickness between two sheets of plastic wrap. Peel off top sheet of plastic wrap; cut dough into desired shapes with cookie cutters. Make a hole in top of ornament with drinking straw. Place ornaments on baking sheet.

3. Bake for 2 1/2 hours. Cool ornaments on wire rack.. (Or, to dry ornaments at room temperature, carefully place them on wire rack. Let stand 1 to 2 days or until thoroughly dry, turning occasionally.)

4. Insert ribbon through holes and tie to hang. May be decorated with opaque paint markers found in arts and crafts stores, if desired.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I has begun!! Yippee!!!

Ashley told me today she wanted to cut some fabric into squares and that she wants to sew with me so we can 'Hang Out" together!!! She is always in or near the room I'm crafting in anyway, If I'm upstairs sewing she is there, if I'm in my actual 'craft room' she is down in the basement with me. But for her to tell me she wants to sew and hang out with me made me very happy!! So I gave her some old fabric and let her at it, She made a cape with the red fabric. Of course it is the best cape I've ever seen!!!

Cutting out her first project

"The Cape"
so fashionable!!!

Oh, and I also got an email from a past customer from eBay and she ordered some stars from me for her Prim shop in Minnesota... Yippee!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whatca Working on Wednesday!!!???

I'm not working on much this week, trying to get my house back in order and just an angle for a swap in one of my eBay groups. I don't have a show for a couple of weeks, so I taking a small break from doing to much and catching up on my sleep too!!! I just wanted to share some pictures from my last craft show. I didn't do near as well at it as I did at the one the week before, but I got to spend the day with my two sisters so that made it a good day. I did sell out of my gingerbread men, so more of them are in the works for the next one. There are a few pictures of some of the things I took, I took the pictures before I glittered them up, they are all sparkly now!!!

This is our booth, it kept growing and growing!!! But it got lots of attention that way!! Lots of lookers but not as many buying!!

This is my "SNOW ANGEL" box, the snowman has angel wings
on him!! It did sell.

This is an older sifter that I just added the prim stars to and then attached the 'LIVE SIMPLY" banners on, I added very fine glass glitter, it is pretty, it didn't sell, yet!!

This is an old sewing machine drawer with lots of snow covered pine and warm/natural stars with LET IT SNOW stitched on. It also didn't sell!!

The beautiful angel is from my friend Pat of ahl*cooped*up. She sells on eBay under that name, we had and angel swap in our group, and she got my name, I love it and it will have a special place in my home this Christmas and for many more!! Thanks Pat!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ash Wants to know ~ Whatca Working On Wednesday? ~ Easy Candy Cane Twisting!!!

You might think that after all my sewing and stuffing the last three weeks that I would be doing NOTHING!!! But there is another show on Saturday so I just have to try to get a few more goodies done so I have a nice table full again, I have about a dozen gingers and some Large Candy Canes, and my Assistant, aka: Ashley is helping me make these quick and easy Chenille candy canes, my sister, Toni, gave us this tip on how to twist them together in a snap making the whole process go so much faster... see our demo pictures below!!!

Whatca Working On!!!

Take two pipe cleaners like this!!!

Put one end into a power drill, Don't worry, MOM was right here!!!

Hold the other end with some pliers, you can use your fingers but if you do a lot of them your fingers get sore!! Now for the drilling part, just "drill" slowly, holding the other end tight until you get the twists you like!!

They will look like this, you may have to hand twist the ends where they were in the drill and pliers, now bend into the Candy Cane shape you like!!

Almost done!!! Sprinkle them with some fine glass glitter, and they are done or add some pips and a pretty bow and tie three together!! So cute and done in no time!!!

I did tea stain mine for a great prim touch!!! I also sprayed them with Candy Cane Spray!! Yummy!! Enjoy!! Great for your tree or add a special touch to your gifts!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Have you Thanked a Veteran today!!!???

Happy Veteran Day everyone!!! I thank all the men and women who serve our great country everyday. We have them to thank for our freedom!! My dad, Ron Northrup, served in Korea in the 50's at his him in 1952 a Senior at Stoneham High School in Stoneham, Colorado. He and my mom still live in Stoneham and only the gym and lunch room of his school still stand, it is the community building now. He is just as handsome today!! ;)
Thanks for all the sacrifices each and every Veteran has made to make me feel safe when I go to bed at night!!! Have a great day everyone and Hug a Vet today!!! I know I will!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Monday....How many days til Christmas!!??

Oh I'm still recovering from my show Saturday. I don't envy you gals that do that all the time. But I think if I did it more I would get myself some dollies and rollings totes!!! I made lots of trips with boxes... I just wanted to thank you all for your good wishes and great comments about my things, My confidence level has not been the best..my sales on eBay have been non-existent since Ash was in the hospital and then when I did have a sale, I felt like all my work was for nothing, I was about giving my stuff away, so I tried to raise my prices and then they wouldn't sell, so then I'd lower them and then have the stealth bidders that swoop in at the last second and only bid the opening list price. So my plan didn't work ,to get them to bid on it if was low...lol. I do this because I love what I do but I also try to help out with some of our bills, and I haven't been able to do that for some time. So having a good show and having so many positive comments from you has given me some new confidence in myself and my ability and to make sure we all have a Merry Christmas without putting to much strain on the budget!! With the economy in the shape it is in I was happy to do so well and am thankful for all of it and you for your support!!! I love all my new blog friends!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Craft show is OVER!! I had a great day!!!

Well my feet or sore, my back hurts and I need some sleep but it was well worth it!!! The craft show was a big success for me anyway.. I know there were some vendors there that didn't sell very much. It was a perfect day, No wind, and cool and a pretty good crowd, there were about 70 booths, and I think my sister and I had the only one with homemade crafts in it. One of the other vendors made a point of coming over and tell me that I had the prettiest booth at the whole show, that made all my late nights and sore stuffing fingers worth the effort!!
I sold all but two of my big snowmen heads and my "naked" snowmen from the box, all got pretty prim bows and were placed in a prim basket and I sold almost all of them!! I also sent some thing out to my mom's antique shop for their open house and I think I sold most of it too!!! Yippee!! My hubby even encouraged me to do the show that is here in town next weekend. I'll just take what I didn't sell and make more Gingerbread men ornies they sold very well!! So I may have to do some sewing this week but not much!! Sorry the pictures are all mixed up... I had to show some of my goodies and my table... It's late and my brain is fried!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Big Thank YOU for Dani!!!

I've been so busy that I have forgotten to properly thank Dani, The Old Homestead Peddler,for my yummy grubby apple candles and the room/linen spray that I won on her blog give away. The box smelled so good I'm surprised the delivery person left it!! lol They are sitting in my kitchen so it smells like I'm baking an apple pie all the time, but much to my hubby's dismay I'm not.. When I get through these two shows I'll bake a pie!!! Thank you so much Dani I didn't forget you, I just got sidetracked!!! Now I need to get some sleep, it's been a very long week!!! Have a great day everyone!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I got a few things done today!!

I'm just plugging away with my stuff. It took me most of the morning to get all my stuff in one area so I can quit going up and down the stairs... The pictures are a cheese box, a sifter and all the stars and snowmen on my sons bed. I also got a really cool sleigh done with a tree and a teddy bear and toy tractor from Santa in it. I didn't take a picture of that yet!! I the box of snowmen reminded me of a box of chicks peeking out for a look!!! lol .. I know, I'm tired and getting punchy!!! I already told my hubby when we win the lotto I will have a huge craft room with a stove, sink, iron set up all the time, lots of shelves, baskets and ....and... and.. lol... Hey a girl can dream can't I??? Sorry the pictures don't really show these very good, they have to be mica or glitter dusted yet but I do that all at the same time in the garage, where the snowmen are held up now!!! tee hee...Okay enough fun..back to work...

Whatca Working on Wednesday!!!

I think the better question if what am I not working on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday....lol I have been burning the midnight oil the past 3 weeks sewing, stuffing, sewing more and not putting things together!!! That is what the table full of boxes, pot, sifters and what ever else you can put things in, I make make arrangements in them with some kind of candle lamp or tea light candle. Sometimes hard to explain so I'll post pictures when I get some done!!! I got all of all my big snowmen heads done, they are in the garage now, they got snowed on this morning. :0) I'll post more pictures when I get a minute!!! I have over 80 snowmen and I think about 200 stars and some Christmas tress, Gingers and Cardinals. I was going to try to get some penguins done, but there just aren't enough hours in the day, plus getting the kids to and from school and just being a mommy!!! We will be glad when it's all over!!! Have a great day, I need to get back to work..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Can you say Tummy ACHE???

Saying the kids got a lot of candy on Halloween is a gross understatement!!! As you can see by the pictures...they loaded up!! We started at 3 o'clock in the after noon and got home at about 9 but that was with some longer stops at "special" houses. We spent extra time at the kids teachers houses and then we got something to eat on the way home: Other than candy that is!!! lol The downtown merchants have trick or treat street, there are NEVER that many people down town at once any more!!! Then the rec center has a trick or treat event. All the employees dressed up at Olympic athletics. Then we hit the teachers house and then to some streets. There were more kids out than I think I've ever see, but it was 70 at 7 pm so it was perfect weather. As you can see by the huge bowl we got tons of candy, My hips well never be the same.!!! But we had a great time and it was a good break for me from my days and late nights of sewing a stuffing... Stay tuned for my Whatca working on Wed post, I can't even believe what I got done in a week!!! My fingers are sore and I'm tired!!! Until then!!!