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Monday, March 8, 2010

Check these great sites too...my friends are sooo talented!!!

Okay I have to give a plug to my good friends new website... Pat of ahl*cooped*up just opened up her own website and it is soooo cute and she does the most amazing dolls, ornies, greeters, you name it Pat makes them adorable!!!  She is in my group for eBay friends TLOFA (the Ladies of Folk Art) and also sells on Esty.. she is a talent and I'm so proud to call her my friend!!  Go check out her site http://www.ahlcoopedup.com/   for a look at her prims and wonderful folk art. Love you Pat and good luck with your new venture, you will do great!!! 
Okay while your checking out new website, go ahead and click on this one too!!!  My Friend Chris, of  The Antique Pallet has I think maybe two selling sites.. I can't keep up with these girls. Chris is a wonderful painter, makes amazing jewelry, run a day care, chases after two of her own and has been known to makes dozens and dozens of cookies for her kids sports teams!!  Yes I have busy and talented friends..  She is one of my TLOFA besties and I couldn't be prouder to call her and Pat, Tanya,  Susie,  Jody and all the others for mentioned in other posts my friends.. They are my rock right now and I love them all and I just want them to do the very best at what they do. They are all so talented and most of all the best group of friends a girl could ever have, so support them and their wonderful talent.  I'm lucky enough to have some of all of their  work and I cherish is almost as much as I do their love and friendship!!  Love you girls and good luck with your selling sites... Now I'd better get busy myself!!!  HuGs!!!

Don't give up on me!! 03092010

Please don't give up on me, I know I have been gone and haven't been posting, I'm just doing a lot of soul searching and really need to get me happy again.  I'm usually a very up beat happy person and not afraid of anything, but this last year has been....well....HELL on me and my family and has taken a toll on all of us.  My heart isn't happy and I'm trying to fix that. I haven't done much crafting, just enough to keep me busy but I've cleaning out closets and my mind of bad things and trying to get the courage to move on and make things better.  I have applied for a few jobs and had a couple of interviews but I'm sure in this economy that any jobs gets lots of applications, so I feel blessed that I even got an interview. But it still stings when you don't get a call back.  I need a job so badly, my family needs it, for a lot of reasons.  I just need to take time for me on the inside.  I got the outside looking pretty good now the inside needs to be happy too.  So if I don't post a lot or much, or email you, it's nothing personal, it is for me,but not towards anyone else, I just need to fix me and sometimes I just don't have happy words to say, so as the old saying goes...if you can't say anything nice.... Keep checking in on me..I will be back and the old me will be here again, very soon I hope.. I'm never alone as long as I have my friends!!!
I do love & miss you all and I will be back better than ever...just give me time!!!  HUGS!!