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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Give away!!!! What a cutie!!!

Will you look at this Cute Raggedy that Wendy from Primitives From the Attic is giving away... She is a truly a doll... go visit Wendy to sign up and take a look at her blog, it is awesome too!!! She taking entries for a few more day....HURRY!!!! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

*** From Where I See It ***

Things here are about the same, the economy is still hurting us and we still are in limbo about our house.  My trucker hubby still works almost non-stop trying to hold off the wolves a little longer. 
My kids are still the light of my life and I really don't know what I'd do without them!!! They are both growing way to fast and make me proud everyday.  Brandon is going to be in the 5th grade next fall and Ash in 1st.  They both had great school years and just grew so much at the individuals they are!! 
I haven't been doing much "creating", not in the mood and not a lot of time really!!  I  hope to get back into it this fall and have lots done for the winter shows.  Money is always an issue and hard to make much when you can't buy supplies to do it with!  Times will get better, I have faith they will one way or another.  I continue to look for work. There really isn't much in our small town and when there is something the number of applicants is mind boggling I'm sure.  I have had 3 interviews and feel lucky to have gotten that far into the process.   Something will come up sooner or later for me.
In the past few months I have kept most of my 60 pounds off, gaining a little back when my Mother in law came to visit!!! LOL... We ate out too much when she was here and now I'm paying for it!!!  But it sure was nice to have her here from Illinois and the kids just couldn't stop talking about her stay.   They have gotten to spend some time on the farm with my folks too and cry when we leave, there is always something fun going on at Grandma Jan's house!!! 
I was so lucky last week to get to meet one of my eBay group members, Tanya, a Colorado native that now lives in Henderson, NV..we became fast friends online and we meant up in Denver the other day and it was like meeting an old friend. We shopped at an antique mall for 4 hours and had the best time!! I can't wait until her next visit. Her folks still live here so she gets out this way a couple time a year, go check out her blog, it is fantastic and so is she, LOVE YOU GIRL!!!, http://beadandneedle.blogspot.com/.

I have started walking and I take pictures on my walks, part of my "from where I see it" title... you really do see your surroundings differently when you walk alone and very early (5:30am) in the morning, you get to see and hear the world around you waking up and it is beautiful!!  I have one neighbor dog that was a little aggressive that early and a very big German Shepard, but I take him a dog treat now so we are good buddies!!! 
Well that's about it for now!! I really have missed this and I will try very hard to keep it up!!  So until next time. thanks for your patience with me and keep checking back... I'll try to do better and here are a few snap shots from the past few months!!

My big boy Brandon this was at his all school picnic... he is going to be in the 5th grade...already!!! He is such a sweet boy and he makes me proud to be his mom!!


Ash, helping Daddy work on the truck, she isn't afraid of a little dirt, that is for sure! She got on the creeper and under that truck she went, tools in hand!!! Not a girlie girl at all, but I wasn't either!!! 

Here are some of the shots I get while I go for my walks, if I walk "around the block" where we live it's a good two mile walk, but I try to get a least 3 miles in and then maybe do it again in the evening!! It sure is pretty early in the morning and quite!!!
Pretty Fence line and The sunrise over the Plains!!!

Iris's by my mailbox....the only flowers I have thus far this year!!! 
The beautiful but sometimes dangerous storm clouds of Colorado in the Spring time!! The first one made the Denver news!!! 

My wonderful family!! Only a few, the Grand kids at Grandma's 100th Birthday!!!

My Dear Grandma King turned 100!!! She had a good day that day and there were lots of family and friends there to share this milestone.
In this picture in back, My sister Sue,  Cousin Wes,  my sister, Toni,  Me,  My brother Scott
In front: My cousin Rod,  My sweet Grandma and My brother Mike. It was a good day!!!