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Saturday, November 21, 2009

I've been busy so forgive me for being gone!!!

Here I am !!!!
I have been busy, busy.. Not like the rest of you aren't, I just need to not be on the computer when I have my kids to look after. Otherwise the whole day is gone and nothing gets done.

It has been almost a month since my last post and thanks for you that have checked on me. I love you all!! Here are a few pictures to prove that I have been working my fingers to hot glue blister and cuts I don't know where they came from!!! I did a show in a neighboring town last weekend with my two sisters and my mom and we all did well. I took 24 of my arraignments and sold ALL of them but 4!! And I took 14 snowman nodders on rusty springs and only have 3 left over!!! It was a great day and I had someone ask me if my and one of my sisters were twins.. Shes the skinny one. Not that my other one is heavy ... she is not either.. don't want to hurt any feeling, she looks great too, but my sister Sue and I have always looked a lot alike and used to get mistaken for twins a lot when we were younger and I was thinner and it happened again!!!! I have lost 56 pounds now and am wearing the size of jeans I did in high school!!! Yay me!!!! lol... So it was a great day and I got to spend it with my sisters and mom. As you can see by our booth it was packed, well it was OVERFULL and almost too full, thankfully for us the vendor next to us didn't come so we got her booth and it made it so much better, we could spread out and really display our things so they could be seen!!! I got lots of nice complements and an offer to do a booth at a big show in the fall, I just don't know if I can get that much done!!! I'm doing a very small show today with my mom with my leftovers and then what I have left will go to the consignment shoppe here in town.

Loaded up!!
My sister Sue has candles and these cool snow fence gates she makes. She only had two of them but they both sold before the show was over!!!

We took four of my dads child's hutches and sold one and gave his number to a lot of people that were very interested in them!!! Go DAD!!!
My sister Toni, who you can kind of see standing there in a red sweater sold some adorable hand painted ornaments made from old light bulbs.. She was a hit!!!! Yay Toni!!! But yes most of the other stuff is what I did!!

I made these yesterday. I just love them!! My mom GAVE me a big box of the "real deal" flour sacks to make t-towels out of, so I transferred these vintage Christmas images on them tied them up with grosgrain ribbon and they are cute as can be!!! I'm taking them with me to the show today, I may have to make ME a set, but not to use just to display!! I love them. The snowman one is to die for...he is sooo cute!!

I made three different ones, A tinsel tree, candy canes and the snowman!! Cute stocking stuffer gift or teacher gift!! Oh the wheels are turning!! HO HO HO!!!

Thanks to all of you new followers, I am amazed each time I log on and see I have more. I do appreciate all of you more than you know. I love sharing my love for creating with all of you, in between my otherwise ordinary, stressful, wonderful life...thanks for taking time out of yours to share mine!!!
Until next time, and we may all know it may be awhile,...Love and Peace to you and your family this time of year!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!