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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hair nets and aprons..

Well, it has been a day or two since my last post..As is touched on in my last post, I got a job as a 'cooks assistant' at the Middle School here and absolutely love it! Yes, I'm a LUNCH LADY!!! But a nice one I So I don a hair net and apron everyday.  I have been busy sewing aprons for myself since I didn't have but one and they don't supply aprons that are cute!!  Only dull white one!!! So I have made myself four new aprons and have two more that I ordered but aren't here yet ... gotta try and look good, even with a hair net!!  lol . My BFF Tanya sent me a cute pattern and a book full of aprons patterns so I need to try a couple of them out too!! Thanks Sis.. love you most!!.. I work with three other very nice gals and I am really enjoying it.  I only work 4 1/2 or 5 hours a day, I don't have to go until the kids are on the bus and am off before they get home, so it is perfect for them and me!!  I won't have to work in the summers or any vacation or other days the school kids have off!!  I sure won't get rich but it's a little spending money and some well needed ADULT time for me.  I do miss being home and my routine here, but it has been good for me.  It helps I like the ladies I work with and the kitchen mgr told me today she sure was glad she picked me!! Any vote of confidence it a good thing. I am having to get used to being on my feet so much, but it is getting better, I sure do sleep good at night!!  I do need to get busy sewing a special order for a friend of mine, but she is being so great and not rushing me.  It snowed here today so it will be a good weekend to do some stitching!!  I'll get them done Bonnie!!! tee hee.
I hope to be know as a nice lunch lady not like this gal!!! LOL... I did have a student tell me he liked me because I'm nice to them and don't yell all the time!!!  So I guess I'm doing okay!! :O)

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Well, it's Friday night so I get the night off from cooking..so I guess I'll head to town to get some dinner!!
Have a good night... 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Things About Me!!

One of my best friends EVER, Tanya of Bead & Needle tagged me on  her blog, so I’m playing along, it just took me a few days to figure out 7 things about me that you might actually want to know.  I live a simple, kind of quiet life with my kids and my Trucker hubby, he isn’t very out going and I on the other hand an VERY outgoing, so how we got hooked up in beyond me.  So over the past 12 years instead of him coming more of his shell, I just don’t go like I used to, some because I don’t like to go alone and maybe more because of financial boundaries!!  It’s not fun being poor!!  But I am rich in many more ways so it’s all good.  Okay now the 7 things I thought maybe you wouldn’t necessary think of when you think about me.
1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE antiques, my house is NOT full of them but I wish it was.  One of my best days last summer was when I finally got to meet Tanya and we just spent the day at an antique mall in Denver, we had the best time and it felt like we had known each other forever and it was just a nice,nice day and I can’t wait to spend more time with her this summer!! LOVE YOU!!
2. & 3. My trucker husband tells me all the time that I should be the truck driver in our family, I am a night owl, but also an early bird.  Don’t know why, but I don’t require a lot of sleep.  Maybe it was all those years of shift work but I can go with very little sleep.!!
4. I’ll admit it, I’m a big ole cry baby!!!  I cry at the weirdest things,  commercials, soap operas, greeting cards, or just kind words, I’ll cry at the drop of a hat.  Not a good trait I admit and it isn’t one I have outgrown as I have gotten older!!
5. Yes I was cheerleader, nothing like the ones in the picture above but none the less I wore the skirt and sweater and cheered for the Prairie Mustangs.  I can from a very small school and it was one of those things that if you didn’t partake in most of the groups then there wouldn’t be a group.  I graduated from a class of 14, so that should give you some idea the size of the school!!  I think my senior year there were 180 students and the was K-12!!  But I loved it, we were one big family!!
6. I love, love, love volleyball.  I played in high school and college and on several city league and intramural teams.  If it weren’t for my knees hurting so much I would still be playing as much as I could.  I played when I was preggers with Brandon and Ash, but since then I  haven’t played much.
7. I really like hearts,  I made the banners in the pictures for my Ash, she said I didn’t have enough  Valentine’s decorations.  But hearts have always been a favorite of mine.  Our wedding cake was even heart shaped, and I have them worked into my d├ęcor  in most of the rooms of my house.
Well there you have it, 7 things about me that you may not have know. I think I am suppose to pass this on to ten other bloggers, but I’ll leave that up to you…. If you see this post and want to play along , do it and let me know and I’d love to come read 7 things about you!!  Thanks Tanya, this was fun, I did think of a couple other things but didn’t want to get to carried away.. lol
Love you girl, I hope to get to going on some sewing so please keep checking  back to check out my things, I’m going to really try to get some things on ETSY soon..
Oh and I just got a job too!!!! I’m going to be an assistant cook at the Middle School here, not a lot of pay, but great hours.  I only work 4.5 or 5 hours a day, so I can still get the kids on the bus and be home when they get home and I will be home for holidays and in the summer!!  Perfect for them and me for now!!