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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Listings for Easter on eBay & A New Friend!!

Oh my, where did a week go??? I had a great time with my sister at my nephews games. It was a lot of driving but well worth the time away and with my sister. Ashley was a perfect little traveler. She never once said she was bored or asked "are we there yet". She slept a lot and just sat back and watched the scenery. We went through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70, it is a very large, long tunnel, she was so excited to get to go through the mountain. I am finally getting my house caught back up and back in my routine again. And I finally did get a few things for Easter listed. My Valentine's hearts did okay, nothing to ease the national debt but they moved so that is good. So here is what I have listed this week, I hope to have more done soon. This cheese box has two 3-D egg and a "JUST HATCHED" chick!!

This door doll was fun to make and she is ready for Easter.

This lamp is in a blue swirl chamber pot. They are all listed on eBay if you want to take a peek!!
Also when I was gone a got a nice message from a fellow blogger, CJ, from Sweet Harvest Farms asked if we could exchange links, go take a peek at her blog it is wonderful. Thank CJ and I'll be visiting again soon!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week, it has been cold and windy here, I'm ready for Spring to arrive, and soon!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My sister emailed me yesterday and asked if Ash and I would like to go to Grand Junction and Gunnison to watch my two nephews play basketball, they both play for CSU-Pueblo, if you look at this site, my nephew is Jake #34, he is 6' 9" and has been playing very well the last few games!! Brother, Ty is only a freshman so doesn't get a lot of play time, but he will. Anyway, we are leaving this afternoon to go her house and then leaving in the morning. It is about a 6 hour drive and she wanted some company. It will be good to get away for a few days. Ash is just excited to get to stay in a hotel, she was laying out all her clothes this morning and telling me what she wants to wear each day!!! It will be fun and will nice to spend some time with my sister and Brandon and Hubby will get some good Dad & Me time also.
Have a great weekend everyone!!
Go T-Wolves!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ashley's Birthday what a fun day!!

Getting her Birthday hug from Daddy!!! He can't leave the house without his hugs & kisses in the morning!!Trying out the new slide, and it sounds like a piano playing when you slide down it!! And yes she dressed herself!!! lol She is in need of a haircut also!!

Brandon, enjoying his day off from school and fun with Sissy!!

Ashley with her Madagascar cake. she just wanted to get the plane off and play with it!!

Time for presents!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday My Beautiful AshleyJoleen!!

Today is my sweet girls 5th Birthday!! It's hard to believe it was 5 years ago. Where does the time go!!?? We had a trying year with her and her health and just feel so blessed and fortunate that she is so much better and healthy and happy. She was born on a very bitter cold day and I day that was clouded with grief also. A young woman in my hometown community was killed in a car accident on her way to work as an EMT here in Sterling, she has an identical twin sister, they were both very popular girls, they were excellent basketball players, and she had her whole life ahead of her, Her name was Andi, When I heard the news I didn't want to have Ash on such a sad day, but as someone from Stoneham said when they heard I had Ash, "What a wonderful and happy thing to happen on such a sad day." I guess it just goes to prove that life does go on and that is God's way of letting us know than even in sadness there is hope. I just tell everyone That Ashley has the best Angel ever!!

This picture is from June of 06. Brandon was the ring bearer at his Kindergarten teachers wedding. They both looked so nice and made me very proud that day!!
They are such good friend!! I love them so much!!

She informed me this morning that she must still be four because she just doesn't feel five yet!! Oh just wait!! lol

This was her 4th birthday!! Yes it is January and she is wearing a sun top!! She wanted to wear that for her birthday, a hand me down from cousin Paige!! She was so happy to be wearing something that Paige had!!

This picture was just last month. She was eating her fruitie pebbles watching "her shows'. She is such a blessing to my husband, Brandon & I. She really does make us a complete family and we cherish each day with both of our kids. I sure don't know what I would do without either one of them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look at the pretty Sunrise ~ More Hearts!!

As Brandon said when he walked out the door to the bus... "Oh My Gosh Mom, look at that!!! "What a beautiful sunrise we had earlier this week!! So glad I don't have tall building blocking the view!!

I have the big heart in this set listed and was waiting for a response from a buyer on the smaller set but I haven't heard from her so I guess I will list them and hope to get some bids, I've only got a bid on my garland so far this week. I should has just skipped Valentine's and went to Easter, it is getting late for hearts already!! Heck I make candy corn in July and sell them about as fast as I can make them!! It's carzy how far ahead of the holiday things actually sell!!

This set is flannel with osanbury stitched in the middle

I love this set,they are listed, click here, the can be stacked or displayed like this, I primed them up with coffee/cinnamon and baked them too!! I won't be sad if they don't sell. But I can make more if they do!!
Have a great week everyone. Ashley is turning 5 tomorrow so we have cake and ice cream to eat!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Whatca Working on Wednesday!!!???

I got more hearts done!!! Finally, I haven't sold since September on eBay, mostly because of Ashley's being so sick but also because of my craft shows and the fact that eBay was so slow and things were going for hardly anything if at all, great if you are a buyer but if you are trying to make grocery money with it, it was bad and the fees would eat up most of your profit!! I know you all know that, but I have decided to try to get more things out there and sell again. My hearts did very well last year so I'm hoping for the same this year. There are so many talented artists out there that I am always a little humbled that my things sell, you are all amazing!!!
This set is so pretty and can be used all year, not just for Valentines Day!!
This set is on eBay now under my seller name *theprimitivebucket* go take a peek I also have the set of red ones with the Mary Engelbriet fabric listed.
Thanks for all of your nice comments and if you see something you like let me know. I have more sets that I don't have listed yet that are in the works. But I will be working on Easter and Spring things also very soon!!
Have a wonderful day my friends!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This, That & The Other Tuesday!!!

Can you believe it!! I finally got some sewing done. With all this life stuff going on I haven't sewn for a long time and haven't listed any thing on eBay since Ashley was in the hospital the FIRST time!!! But my machine was calling and I have a nice gal in MO that wanted some hearts, so I hope she likes some of these for her shop. I have two more sets I didn't get pictures on here yet.

These are kind of Shabby Chic..such pretty spring colors, more for than just Valentine's Day!

I love these, they have a cute Mary Englebreit fabric in the center.
My hubby even liked this set!!
These are now listed on eBay
click here to see them!!

This is a garland for a Valentine's tree,
or they can be taken off the string to be hung individually on the branches

This one I think is my favorite. They aren't done yet,
there will be three of them.

I just loved this quote, so I had to add it to my post too,
it is so true!!

Don't lose touch!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

An Award for me and you to snag!!!

Thanks so much to Linda of Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives for giving this award. The 'rules' are that I have to bestow it upon 8 of my blogger friends, but I know several of them have received it, so it is your for the taking if you want it!!! I have made so many great friends on my blog and am grateful to any of them that think of me when it comes out to handing out awards. I'm just glad they come and visit me and leave me a comment and share my daily life!!
Thanks again Linda, go take a peek at her work, it is wonderful!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This, That & The Other Tuesday!!!

Well, it's a new year and the kids are back in school. Time to get back to This, that and the other that I call life!! Thanks to all of you that have sent prayers my way for my Grandma and my friends family that was killed. Grandma is doing okay!! I went and did her hair on New Year's Day. She didn't know who I was at first then she asked about my kids, so she was coming around. I was kind of upset when I first got there, she was sleeping, but didn't look good, but once they got her up she looked better and rested. She still can't use her left side but does okay. She is 98 so I can't expect her to be what she was when I was the kids age. I can dream, can't I?? Brandon loves being home and didn't want to go back to school very bad last night, but by this morning he was ready to go. Ashley hugged him and gave him sweet sister advice and said it would be okay and that we would be here when he got home!! She loves her brother so much!! She went right in her room and waved bye to me, so she was okay with going back!! But I miss them, but at least I can take the tree down without them asking to leave it up "just a little longer"...lol I have added a few pictures of our goings on during break, with the heartache we had we also had fun and times that take away the pain and remind us that life goes on and that is how it is suppose to be!!! Have a great week my friends!! Hug your kids today!!

Trying out the new machine.. I think she is going to do just great!! Now I have a helper!! I'd better get to work myself!!

Trying out the new Trampoline!!! They were having such a good time. Oh to be young again!!

My two bowlers. We went to a birthday party on Saturday!! They had so much fun, But Ashley informed me that her shoes were ..."Just killing my feet!!" lol Brandon won the second game, Ashley, she just loves to roll the ball down the alley, Thank goodness for gutter bumpers!!!