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Friday, April 24, 2009

'bout time!!! I have finally been sewing again!!

It's like riding a bike....I haven't forgotten how to sew!!!
I just haven't felt up to it, but I know that I need to do it to get my mind off of 'other stuff'!!! It's like connecting with an old friend. I made four Americana Primitive pillows this week. DH claims he thinks they are the best things I have done so far!! I don't know about that but he really likes them and it was such a nice thing for him to say!!! He is a sweetie...

I also made some so cool papier mache star bowl fillers, covered with fabric.. I love them and really want to keep them, but I was only able to get four of the stars and need to sell something to help out even if a little bit!! DH also thinks I start my things way to low, but I have struggled with that from the beginning of my selling days on eBay. If I start them low, I get lots of lookers and then only a bid or two and if I raise my prices I don't get bids at all. I've tried the "buy it now" option and that hasn't done it for me either!!! So I start them low and hope that I get lots of bids!! I can dream can't I??? lol
This blue/white one is my favorite I think, the colors are pretty but it is simply prim!!

One of two different "Lady Liberty" designs.

All four together, they make a neat grouping...go ahead buy them all, I'll let ya!! :)

The fabric covered papier mache stars. They are kewl, and glittery!!
So pretty and prim!!

My pinwheels, I have made several sets for about every holiday, but 4th of July has to be the most popular.. They are fun..
I hope you will go to my eBay page and take a look, I'd love to have you!!!

I'd better get back to my machine, while I'm in the mood!!
Have a great weekend ... until next time!!!!


Carrie said...


I absolutely LOVE all of your projects!! Heading over to your ebay store now to check out all of your 'goodies'!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Beautiful items. I agree with your Hubby they are just great. EBay can be a fickled place, can't it? DH tells me I start my items to low, but like you if I price them high, I get plenty of lookers but no bidders. Start low get a few bids but nothing high. Now I did sell a breadbox for a high bid last month. Nearly fainted when I checked to see what it was doing and saw $70.00. So you just never know. Good luck.

Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

Joleen, I love your pillows!
They are different, not like every prim pillow out there so maybe you will get a high bid! I had to stop selling on ebay because I was having the same problems with pricing and lookers! Now I just post on my selling blog, if they sell, they sell. If they dont, they dont! Im not gonna go too low considering the cost of supplies and time to make them!

Good luck!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I'm glad your sewing again...I have a sewing machine and can sew but just have no desire to do it...I think it's because I have to drag it out and put it away:(
Love everything you made especially the pinwheels.

Farmchick said...

Joleen~everything looks just so wonderful...you are just too talented! :) Hope things improve for you all soon.