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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What ahead for this new Decade?? One day at a time!!

As we usher in this new year, this NEW DECADE...what will it hold for us!!?? I guess if we all had crystal balls or could look into the future we would, but would we really want to??? Sometimes I do wish I could and see what it holds for my family, we have had such a hard year that I would love to know how we weather this storm and see if we come out of it happier and without the worries we have had this past year. But then there is the other side of that and if we don't come through this as I hope, I don't want to see where we will be or what shape we are in. So I guess I'll take it ONE DAY AT A TIME..and hope and pray for the best!! I have to believe that there are better days ahead and that my family will be happy no matter what happens. I thing I know my kids won't have to do without is LOVE!!

Speaking of LOVE.....I thought this was just the coolest thing.... the kids and I were walking in one of our local parks and Brandon noticed a heart shape in the side of a big tree, and asked how it got there. I told him some young lovers probably carved it in the tree to declare their love.. but there are not initials in and and when I looked closer it looks to have been carved a long time ago. The bark is splintered around the heart carving and the bark in the middle it bulging out on the inside of the heart shape. It's like it tried to grow out after the heart was carved. It almost looks like there was a branch there and it was just in that shape when it fell or was cut off. But it sure makes for a good picture!! Maybe cupid it and fill it with the letters of two star crossed lovers!!! Oh to be young and that in love again!! :o) Anyway.... until next time I hope that this new year brings only love to your hearts and that the next few months will be filled with joy and prosperity!!!


sonyadawn said...

Joleen... I'm praying for lots of great things for your family this year, but you are right lots of love is what every family needs, and you all have it in abundance!!
Have a great week!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Joleen, I am praying that this New Year brings you many blessings and much happiness. May all the stress of hard times fade away as they are replaced with security and peace. I'm wishing the same for us! LOL!
The heart carved in the tree is very cool! Maybe some young lover was planning to carve the initials and chickened out at the last moment?
Have a great week!

Gail said...

Beautifully said, may your new year be the best one yet.

JenW!~ said...

Praying things get better for you and your family. I've been through rough times to and there were times it seemed it was never ending but it does get better.
The heart pic is very cool.

Unknown said...

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