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Monday, October 11, 2010

"Frosty" giveaway from my good friend Pat!!! So cute

Okay Friends it is getting to be that time of year where if you search the blogs you will find some great giveaways!!! I guess I should do one...humm, I will, someday, really believe me...lol.. I'll keep you posted!!! 
I have been creating, stuffing, sewing and cutting a lot lately, I'm getting ready for a big show in Nov and I've been busy, busy with that. 
Okay, okay, get to the giveaway already!!!
My good friend Pat, ahlcoopedup, is giving away "Frosty", isn't he just the cutest???  You will love him.  Go check out her blog and sign up for the giveaway, she does have a couple of 'rules' to be entered for chances, yes that is chances, to win, but they are quick and painless!!!  If you are lucky enough to win you won't be sad!!!! Pat does amazing work and had several things for sell from her blog also, so go check her out, you will be glad you did!!! 
Okay, get on over there and enter up!!! 
Have a great day , Great People.. now I'd better get to work!!!   
click here too!!!!


Ahl Cooped Up said...

Thanks for the Plug!!
Love ya!

Tanya said...

Thought you needed another drop in the bucket, now that my internet is fixed! Stuff should hit there today, so you can get busy on even MORE sewing...Oh happy day!