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Monday, June 13, 2011

Where in the world have I been????

My oh my it has been a day or two since my last blog post!!!  I wish it was as easy to post on here from my phone as it is to Facebook!!  tee hee..  I have been busy with end of school stuff and then the kids both have summer courses that we are doing.  Ashley in Puppetry and also playing T-Ball and Brandon took a golf class that he loved and he wants to take his dad on now for a game or two..

School is out so I am back home too!!!  I love my job but love being here with my kids too!!  Brandon is moving to MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! Oh my goodness where has the time gone!!!  He is a little nervous and had a hard time his last day of school!! The unknown of it all is getting the best of him.  But I think it will help that I will be down the hall in the kitchen most of the day!! I hope so anyway!! 
I know, I know I still don't have pictures of my aprons that I need to post, but I have fabric for more, so when I get them done then MAYBE I'll post them all at once!!  

I'm so excited, today is my 13th wedding anniversary!!! 13 years on the 13th..must be lucky or a blessing!! As my friend Judy said, " there is no such thing as luck, just blessings"... well I hope she is right!!!  We celebrated on Sat with the kids.. yup no romantic dinner for us.  My trucker man left it up to me.. I opted to take the kids!!  They are our heart and soul and are the reason we are a family so they got to go with us.. just pizza and ice cream for our fancy dinner!!   But what I'm really excited about, don't tell my trucker... is that tomorrow I get to meet up with my dear, dear friend, Tanya, a Colorado girl that now lives in the desert and Chris and her sister from Missouri!!!   I 'meant' both these crazy girls in an eBay group now we are fast friends and feel like sisters that don't fight!!  tee hee..  Tanya and I meant up last year and had the best time, well we talked Chris into coming clear out west to meet us and we are going to go junking and then staying in Central City, CO for a night at the casino and maybe even a midnight stroll through the haunted cemetery, that one may require an adult beverage or two before we are brave enough to do that!!!   
Well, I still have a million and one things to do before Ash's game tonight and then off to my mom's for the night where the kids get to stay for a couple of days and the Trucker Man still have to stay home and work..hey someone has to stay home and feed the fish!! lol..
Here are a couple of pictures of our Brandon on his last day as a 5th grader!!! We are so proud of him and Ash too!!  She's moving on to 2nd grade...not that she liked the idea of not getting the same teacher again.. but she will do great!!!
Hugs to you all and vacation pictures hopefully next week!!! 

Trucker man and Brandon!!!   He surprised Brandon and got to come to the Celebration!!! It was a good day!!

Me and my boy!!!  I love him SOOO MUCH!!!  I'm very proud of him!!!

Brandon's last day at Campbell!!! On to Middle School!!!


Tanya said...

How handsome Brandon is...and so grown up now! Sounds like he and Ash have a pretty great summer planned, Mom!

Chris and Angie stayed in some fleabag motel last night, and I think they needed to drink heavily! :-) See you in a few hours this morning...we will make up for their motel misfortunes tonight and tomorrow - can't wait! Tanya

Tanya said...


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Welcome back Joleen!
Isn't it amazing how fast they grow!!!
Did you find some goodies on your trip with your friends?
Keep us posted.
I'm having a giveawayd ~ don't forget to sign up.
Prim Blessings

Jan said...

Glad to see you back. Yes, time does pass way too quickly and it doesn't wait for anyone so you just have to grab on when you get the chance. My girls are all grown with children of there own and they are saying the same thing, Where did the time go" and I tell her to just appreciate every day that you have with them as soon they will be grown with children of their own too.
So now that you are back and have a moment to share with us, Whatcha been up to lately.
Hugs and blessings

Farmchick said...

HI! Just stopping by to see if I missed a post or something. Hoping you and your family are doing well. Come say hi sometime soon!

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