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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yes I'm still ALIVE!!! I had to post this!!!

Yes I'm here, I have been AWOL for way to long!!! I miss posting but just don't get it done!! I'm still working at the Middle School as a cook's assistant and am glad I have a job but don't love it but I don't hate it either!!  I am thankful for the income and I get to work with some great people!  Some day my Trucker man will win the Lotto or I'll go on Wheel of Fortune and win big so I can quit and stay home and sew again!!  
The giveaway!!!  Sweet Meadows Farm has always been one of my favorite doll makers and she is having a great giveaway!!  She is giving a pattern a month away for 2013!! Wow, now that would be a good reason to get back to sewing!!.. Go check it out here for several changes to win!! Click on the link for your chance!!! http://sweetmeadowsfarm.blogspot.com/

Good luck and I'll try and check back...my kids have grown a lot since I last posted and I'm sure I could find a picture or two to share!!  

Thanks for stopping!!

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Tanya said...

I miss you on here, Sis - XOXOXOXOXO