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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eeekk I've been tagged!!!

Oh my I've been TAGGED!!! Tammy from The Olde Hollow Crow

honored upon me this YOUR BLOG ROCKS award!! I'm new at this
blogging thing so it is truly an honor to me that I have received any awards at all!! Thanks Tammy. Now I have to tell you 6 things about myself and then tag 6 mores blogs!!! So watch out you may be on my list!!!

  • I am a stay at home mom
  • I have two wonderful kids and a great husband
  • I am the middle kid of 5. Two older sisters and two younger brothers
  • I have been selling my primitive creations on ebay for about 2 yrs.
  • I have lived in Colorado most of my life, had a short stay in AZ!!
  • I love the primitive look and am working to transform my home!!
Here are the 6 blogs I have tagged!!!

I hope none of these blogs have been picked but if they have they must really ROCK!!!
Blessings and thanks again Tammy!!!


Anonymous said...

AWW SHUCKS!!! Thanks sooo MUCH....You are tooooo sweet!! thanks for making me part of your friends!!!
Many Blessings.......
Lori Hull

Farmchick said...

Hi~ Thanks for stopping in and visiting me and for the sweet comment too! I really enjoyed reading through your blog. Thanks for linking me to your blog...I am going to add you to my blog roll also!! We farmgirls have to stick together!!! I am glad your little Ashley is on the mend...I don't blame you for being nervous, scared and crying..... I would be the same way!! Have a wonderful Sunday...hope to "see" you soon!