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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall is around the corner!!

It is truly becoming fall here in NE Colorado. The nights are cool & the days crisp!! And my kids are already sick!! Sure sign of school starting and germs being shared!!
It's time for me to start thinking of Christmas items for my eBay listings, but I will linger in the cool days of Fall before we have to start shoveling snow!!!
We did yard work, sticker plants have invaded our back lot and I think I pulled for two hours and didn't get them all, do you ever get them all???

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Ashley drove the go cart all by her self yesterday and was so proud of herself and I think Joe and I were as happy as she was. She is doing so much better since being sick and really a healthy little girl.. Brandon has been my sick one this week, but a trip to the Dr has him back on the mend. He missed all but one day of school this week!!
Well I have dinner cooking....


Blessings, Joleen

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angie said...

hi joleen~thanks for visiting my blog~i'm adding you to my blog list too!