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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great things do come in small packages!!!

The old saying in my title couldn't be more true...
Needless to say most of you know that my family has had a tough winter/spring and it hasn't gone unnoticed by my friends and one in particular wanted to do something...so she did what she does best...make something from her heart!!! Jody, Star Spangled Pretties, we became fast friends... We meant in an eBay group. We are neighbors after all.. she is from Wyoming and we share the love of the flat land we both live on and we both almost used the Platte River, which runs through both of our states as a possible part of an eBay seller name at one time or another!!! She is so very talented with her dolls that I have always longed for one but never have had the money to buy one, but Jody fixed that... when not just myself but two other of our group members were having a tough time this winter with hubbies out of work, Jody went to work!!! She was in the midst of remodeling her house, yet still found the time to make all three of us dolls!! She made one with a red dress, blue dress and my 'Jody' doll with this creamy white dress!!! I just love her and Jody filled my box with lots of little extras that she know I could and will use on my projects!!! She is just the best and I can't wait for the day I can see her in person and give her a hug!!! She really did brighten what has been a dark time for me and just knowing that she cared that much has given me some new hope that things WILL get better!!! Go peek at her blog, her and her sweetie did an amazing remodel on their home... I want them to come to mine now!!! Thanks Jody, thanks for caring enough to share your heart with me!! LOVE YOU!!!

Isn't she just the best!!!??? I added the firecrackers, but I can change them out to match the holiday!!!

The detail in her face is just amazing..I just stare and her and am amazed!!! What a talent!!!

She is so little and so grand all at the same time!!! Doesn't she just look like a princess... she looks so good with one of my lamps and rag balls I made and didn't sell!! Now in hindsight...I'm glad they didn't, they all look like they were made to go together!!! LOVE THEM!!!! I'm such a lucky girl to have such a good friend!!!! :o)


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Oh Jolleen, what a sweet thing for her to do, say it all the time, bloggers are the best! And - there are so many good people in this world. Enjoy your doll - she is wonderful!!

hugs, Linda

~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Awwwwwwww! You brought tears to my eyes when I read your post! What kind words! I am just SO happy you liked her and she looks so nice next to your handmades- like you said they were meant to be together. :0) I am thrilled I could brighten your day and I can't wait until we meet one day!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

She is just beautiful, hope it brings you joy and praying that things get better for you.

LV said...

The world needs more people like your friend. Trust thing are going better for you soon.

Terry said...

Hi Joleen!
I love your dolly...she is precious. What a sweet, kind-hearted friend. I've been on her site before, and she does awesome work.
Praying things start looking up for you and your family.

The Primitive Bucket said...

Thanks ladies...Jody is such a talent and I feel blessed that she has come into my life..I'm sure when we do get to meet it will be like we have known each other a lifetime!!!
Have a great day!!

Cindy Surber said...

She look so good with all the other Americana decor.

Shan said...

She is just beautiful!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

That doll has the sweetest face! And what a sweet thing for her to do! Blogging friends have been such a blessing to me too! I actually got to meet my first one in person a few weeks ago and it was great!