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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where Have I Been???? 061009

I know, I know.....where have I been??? Very busy as I'm sure a lot of you are at the end of a school year and beginning of summer. Actually a lot has gone on it seems since my last post over a MONTH ago!!! I have been so bad!!! My DH is finally back to work!!! But we are still kind of day to day with it, so we still have to be very careful and hope that this work holds out for him and that we don't have to sell anything else we really don't want to, to just keep going. We have also had a rough spring with deaths in my small hometown community. We buried two friends in a week and 4 since Dec. So it has been a difficult time for lots of people I love. I have such great friends and family with great support, I'm just glad I grew up in the community I did, they are always there for you when you need them most!!!

The kids are both out of school now and enjoying their summer break thus far. We have had an unheard of, for Colorado, amount of rain the past month so our out door activities have been limited. No pool yet, but I really don't want to get into a bathing suit!!! Oh my eyes!! lol
This picture of Brandon was at his school track meet!!! No his hair was not fixed like that on purpose... The wind was blowing so hard it made it just stand on end... It was terrible, but the kids really didn't seem to mind and they had a fun day and the ALL got awards no matter what. He is officially a 4th grader now!!!! Oh he isn't suppose to be growing up that fast!!
This was Ashley's last day of school. She didn't want to leave because she doesn't think that she want to go to kindergarten "with all those spelling words", as she so tearfully put it!!! Her teachers Jo and Karen were just such a joy for her to have and she misses them terribly, but we have promised to visit next school year.

I was also, in my absence, working on things for the spring open house at my mom's antique shop. It was a bitter sweet day. They have decided to close the shop this summer for good!!! :( The economy as claimed yet another victim. The past few years have been hard on the shop and they want to close before they 'have' to and just enjoy time at home. The four ladies who own it are all good friends but all lead busy lives outside the shop so they will not be lacking for something to do I'm sure!! But is it sad to see it close. They will be open through the summer then lock the doors. But on an exciting note, I have put some of my things into a shoppe here in Sterling. It's called French Creek Market. It is a very neat shoppe with quite an eclectic variety of offerings, old, new, candles, specialty teas and classes. I'm hoping it will be a good outlet for me. Ebay has been slow for me and If I can get something going here that would be great. This is just one of the things I made for the open house. I have many more but it would take up too much space.... The shoppe I'm in doesn't have a website or blog yet, but once they do I'll post a link so you call see all the goodies there. I'm excited and hope it is a good thing for me!!

Oh, my sweet little helper Ashley!!! I painted my room and she wanted to help so badly, so I let her help, but it really didn't last too long, but she is dressed for a mess don't you think!!! Since she is only 5 the topless things is okay for now!!! lol She has on her dad's 'mowing' hat and raggedy jeans...perfect painting attire in my book!!!

From all white to this!!!

It needed it's Spring cleaning anyway, so while I was at it I just painted two walls. I just LOVE it!!! It was just all white before and now it is "Spartan Stone". It is just such a pretty calm color and my room actually looks bigger. The bedspread is a very old chenille bed spread that my mom gave me to make snowmen out of, but it only has a few flaws, so I am using it until I can get something else make. The quilt is from my Grandma, who just turned 99, and is all done by her. It is hand quilted and it a treasure for me.

I don't have a picture of my front yard, it actually looks good too with all of this good rain we are getting. I'll save that for my next post... I miss everyone and what is going on in your lives. I'll be better, so don't give up on me!!! Busy summer has just begun..we still have VBS, swimming lessons, a lake trip and two fairs in the future!!! I hope you are all having a great summer!!!
Off we go!!!


Farmchick said...

Hi~ I am so glad that things are going better for you all. I was wondering how you were doing! Busy here - still seeding our crops. Have a great weekend! Hugs~

Jessica said...

It's good to hear things have been better! Let's hope it continues!

Can you believe all the rain!

Judy said...

Girl, I was beginning to worry about you! I love the cute patriotic hearts, you should sell those on Ebay so I can buy them! I am, after all, your best Ebay customer! LOL Seriously, I'm glad things are looking up for your family. You've been in my thoughts and prayers.

Judy said...
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Leaon Mary said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful. The color really changed the look and feel of it! I have a big project ahead of me painting my own bedroom. I can hardly wait to start.
Blessings to you,
and I'm sorry for all the losses in your community.