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Sunday, January 2, 2011


NEW YEARS Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy New Year!!??!!
Will it be, can it be??!!
Well we had a really wonderful Christmas, the kids were happy and my Trucker man really outdid himself and got me more than I asked for or feel like I deserved.  I got a net book, so fun.  I'm typing on it now!!  But still learning how to use it.  It is super fast and so nice to be sitting in the living room surfing the blogs and FB instead of in the basement.  Problem, trucker and kids want on it too!!!  So I share..:O) And we did finally got some much needed snow!! Yes I said much needed...it is so dry here, we need to moisture that comes with it.  But  bitter cold along with it.  It is so pretty but can warm up now!!
Now for the "New Year" and the bitter pill we are having to swallow, already.  Actually the "old year" didn't end the best after Christmas.  The trucker has had the demons with his trucks the past couple of years,and he finally found one, we thought, that was going to be a good truck for him and it went down on him and it isn't just a 'small fix'.  It's a 10K fix, many more K's than we even have.  He is just sick about it and really has been lost the past few days.  He hasn't worked since Friday of Christmas Eve.  We took the truck to a shop on Tues hoping to get news that is may only be a minor problem but no such luck, it's major!!!  He has only had this truck about 3 weeks, and only bought it because was told that he had a complete overhaul,  well people aren't honest and now we are no better off than we were three weeks ago with no truck, because basically we have still have no truck!!  And he as tried call some people about renting or leasing until we can get this one fixed or replaced but haven't had much luck there. They guy he bought it from wants to try to help, he wants to do a quick bandage fix, not the fix it needs to get going, but we know that bandages come off and it would soon need the major fix and it would be all on us then. So frustrating and sad.
I did very well at my shows but used that money for Christmas, if I would have known I would have rat holed some of that money to help out, but he was working and so excited about this new truck.  It was running so great!!!  Talking about taking some time to go back to Illinois for Easter to see his mom, but now we are just lost and trying to keep our spirits up for the kids sake.  They just play so well and are such happy kids.   It breaks my heart to see my husband like this.  He works hard and is honest as the day is long, so for someone to NOT show him the same really tears at his heart and soul.  
We will make it but we were really looking forward to a New Year of new hope and things turning around for us...but it's early....!!! 


Tanya said...

My heart breaks for you guys, Joleen - I know it's not much consolation, but I'm here if you need to chat, girl! Keeping everything I can crossed for you - XOXO

AngieSH said...

I am so sorry you all are having such trouble with the truck. It is so hard when things like this happen and you what if yourself to death... I hope that something good comes out of the whole thing for you guys.

Be Blessed


BumbleBeeLane said...

Oh sweetie~ I'm sure it will get better.I'll keep you in my prayers as well.We are the same type of people would give you the shirt off our back if you really need it and it's hard when people don't do the same.I understand it more than my hubby he always thinks people are good and takes them at words value.Unfortunatly we have been were you are now but good people always come back on top.Warm Blessings for a joyful New Year for you and your family!~Amy

Michelle said...

What is the lemon law in your state. Usually you have so many days or weeks to return it!
Check into it, that's ridiculous.

The Primitive Bucket said...

Thanks ladies, your kinds words help more than you know. It just seems all we do turns bad. Michelle, I don't think the lemon law would apply since it was a private sale, but I'll look into it.
Thanks so much.. Hugs to you all!!