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Monday, December 20, 2010

~~ Cookie Art ~~ My Tree ~~ Simply wish~~

The kiddos are home now!! Yay... I LOVE my kids being home with me.  Yesterday we tackled making some sugar cookies. Well, let's say we ALL started and I finished them up.  But it was fun.  I'm no Martha Stewart but they did turn our pretty and they are pretty yummy!!
 We tried to be creative, Ash was handling the white frosting part of the time!! 
 The ones above are trees, the one on the far right is her tree.
 To the left....Most of the finished product!! 

Left: This is Ashley 'Lion', why a lion??  Don't really know, but I can see it....don't you??  

The days are growing shorter when the paper will be flying, then just as quickly as the moment is there it will be gone and it will be filled with empty boxes and torn paper and bows.  But the LOVE that will fill the room is,for me, the best present ever and the best part of the day!!  I didn't ask for anything from my Trucker man, I just told him all I cared about was that we were together and the kids have a great day. 
I thought I'd share my tree and some of the pretties one it.  My 'sis' Tanya, Bead and Needle, shared hers one her blog.. so I'm copying you girl!!! lol... Love to see all the trees!! 
There is no more room under this tree!!! 

Ash made this for me.  So simple I love it!!

Buzz....love's Christmas...to Infinity and Beyond !!!

Glass Santa, I have about 5 of these all in different outfits and colors.


Tin heart... Love it...

Merry Christmas my dear blogging friends.
My Simply Wish for you is that I hope this Christmas is filled with joy and laughter and LOVE, three things you can't wrap and put under the tree but in your heart!! 


colleens craft shed said...

Joleen, I love your tree and ornaments. I wish for you and your family, joy , happniess and lots of love. Have a blessed Christmas Joleen.

Tanya said...

I think she could give The Cake Boss a run for his money - GREAT cookies, Sis...LOVE the tree - BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love you, too - Merry Christmas, girl - wish I was there!

Debbie said...

The cookies look great! I need to do that yet. Now that I am off I am feeling more in the mood to bake.

Love the tree!

Merry Christmas!,
Debbie K

Allison said...

Your cookies are cute! We also started cookies and I ended up finishing them too.

I like your tree and ornaments.