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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vintage Country Style & Bead & Needle Giveaways!!

Slow but sure I'm getting back on here...So I'll post another giveaway from a fellow blogger and my Sis Tanya of bead and needle!!  Vintage Country Style is giving away patterns, she has amazing patterns so go check out her blog and get a free pattern to create something awesome!!

And also go check out my "Sis", Tanya, we aren't really sisters, but actually get along better than most sisters!!  She has one of the most amazing, creative and beautiful blogs around, just like her. 
It's Bead & Needle.  She is giving away some really pretty potholders but also gives you step by step directions to make your own...aww just enter the giveaway.. I want her to do the work!!  lol.. They are very pretty and she does amazing thing with beads too!! Such a talent!!  Love you sis..
So until next time....


Tanya said...

You will ALWAYS be my SISTER!!! XOXOXO

Tanya said...

P.S. I dumped my real sister for you, you know! For reals! XOXO