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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My family.. a night out for my birthday!!

Well one more birthday under my belt!!!  My trucker Man and kiddos took me out to dinner at Delgado's Dugout. It's a Mexican/Italian restaurant that is in the basement of an old church.. Pretty good food, but really good drinks!! wink wink!! 
Ash, Joe and Brandon

We had a nice family dinner and then came home for ice cream cake which only Ash had some, the rest of us were too full!! 
I got a very nice new wallet, but no money in it!!! tee hee... and a new camera.. so the kids had to take some pictures, the don't 'center' very well so I did some editing and cropping, but it takes very nice pictures and I didn't know how to use the timer yet so none of all four of us at the same time!!! lol.. 
Joe, Ash and Me

Me and my kids... they are my heart!!!

Truck Man, Me and Brandon... I love Brandon's face in this one... He love's me

It was a nice evening with the people I love the most!!
Oh and I have to add another picture of one of my birthday goodies... My dear friend Bonnie from Ohio sent me this cute snowman for my birthday also. I accidentally left him out of the post from yesterday.. He is sooo very cute and had a special spot on an old prim crate in my living room!!!  LOVE HIM and Bonnie too, she is a sis I never have meant but hope to very soon!!!  Thanks Bonnie for him and the yummy room spray also!! 
He is awesome!!!


Tanya said...

Looks like you are VERY loved...and you are! Darling snowman from Bonnie, too! Let's just continue this party for another week - Happy Birthday, Sis!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday late! You have a nice looking family...and you got to use your new camera to capture the moment...love the snowman!

Ahl Cooped Up said...

You deserve a nice Birthday. I'm so happy you had one. The restaurant sounds like a fun place to eat.
The pictures and Bonnies' Snowman are so sweet.