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Thursday, December 9, 2010

I couldn't be more proud...

"I already have enough toys.."
Out of the mouths of babes. My son Brandon makes me so very proud everyday, but last night was a very proud one for me.  He was having a tough day anyway.  He was asking about a new jacket for Christmas and I asked him why he wanted a new one when he had his 'red' one...
Now the story..
He had left his 'red' jacket at school sometime ago and I told him to make sure and get it out of the lost and found box, well as things go, you forget or don't think about it again because the weather has been cold enough that he has had to wear his heavier coat.  Well so when he asked about the new jacket for Christmas, I asked if he didn't get his out of the lost and found box.  He said he looked and it wasn't there and that another boy was wearing it now.  I then asked him if he asked for it back and he said he did but the boy just told him he 'bought' it.  Well if you know my son, you know is a bit of a tender heart, not a baby, just very sensitive AND the last thing he ever wants to do is get anyone in trouble or to be called a tattle tale or teacher's pet.  Kids at this age can be so mean and the last thing Brandon wants is to not have someone NOT like him.  He's a little insecure about that,  but we want him to stand up for what is right and for himself.  So we told him he should have told a teacher or us when this happened so we could get it taken care of, he just started to cry and shook his head "no".  I felt so bad for him because he just doesn't want to get any kid in trouble, even one that stole from him. So I've emailed the teacher and called the school but haven't heard anything back yet.  I just wish things like this didn't happen and if that boy wears that coat home, what has he told his parents where it came from?  If one of my kids came home with a coat I didn't buy I would sure be finding out where it came from, but maybe they don't care and that is why he thinks it is okay to keep it!!  Sad world we live in at times.  So we get past that trauma and I was looking in Brandon's planner and there was a note from "Santa" saying that all the kids at school need to write a letter to him and the best letter will win a prize.  It was due today so I asked him if he had written it at school and he said no and still through the tears he was shedding from the coat thing, he told me that he wasn't going to write a letter because he already has enough stuff and that some other kids might need new toys... Okay so now I'm in tears too, but I did talk him into writing the letter and telling Santa what he told me... here is part of his letter!!
"..there are kids all over the world that don't have toys and I have lots of nice things, so my wish this year for Christmas is for you give the gift you had for me to someone else because they need it more than I do... and please don't forget my sister Ashley, she wants a guitar!!"
Thanks and Merry Christmas"
Brandon Locke
Brandon and Ash... my heart and soul!!!

I must say I have never been more proud that I was when I saw what he had written!!!  The true spirit of Christmas lives in my son's heart and has made my heart swell with more love and pride that I could ever express!! 
Merry Christmas Brandon... Mommy loves you!!! 


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Awwwwwe, how sweet, Joleen! You have a wonderful son and I bet he is going to be wonderful husband and Dad, some day! Maybe, the other
boy really needed a jacket, that might be why it was ok for him to come home with Brandon's! He might have said that nobody claimed it, at lost and found, so he got it, so they probably thought nothing of it.Tell your son, that your friends in blog land, are proud of him, too! Thanks for sharing with us!

Bear Hugs~Karen

Tanya said...

You raised 'em right, Mom - be proud!

BumbleBeeLane said...

So sweet! Girl~ You did a great job.Warm Blessings!~Amy

~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Ok, so I'm teary-eyed, too! You should be very proud and it should make you feel good to know that children will follow the examples their parents make, so whether you realize it or not, you've played a major part in the wonderful young man he is becoming!! Way to go, momma!!
:0) Miss you and take care!

Unknown said...

How sweet...sounds like Brandon is a pretty good kid! Good Job MOM! I read something the other day it said if you don't have Christmas in your heart you won't find it under your tree.

Screaming Sardine said...

Awww, that is so sweet! No wonder you're so proud of him. He must have some good role models at home :)